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In the midst of this chaotic travel season,, the Australian-based aviation product and safety ratings agency, has just released its annual roundup of the world’s best airlines.

In addition to profitability,’s team of editors also evaluated each airline’s fleet age, environmental and safety credentials, passenger reviews and product offerings. also highlights the best budget airlines for 2022, although these low-cost carriers are not ranked. Instead, they are listed alphabetically: Allegiant Air, AirAsia, easyjet, Jetstar, Flair, Fly Dubai, Ryanair, Scoot, Southwest and VietJet Air.

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*The refund approval rate refers to the average time the airline takes to review each refund request. The actual time it takes for a refund to be reflected in a customer’s bank account may be longer.

Data from a survey that collected more than 61,000 traveler reviews, sent to our customers after completing their trip, showed that All Nippon Airways is the highest rated airline by consumers. We asked our customers to rate the airlines based on their overall experience and value for money. All Nippon Airways received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 points for overall experience and an average of 4 out of 5 points for value for money, providing an average customer rating of 4.2 points. Not far behind All Nippon Airways, two airlines ranked second: Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines received an average score of 4.1 points for overall experience and 3.9 points for value for money, for a total average of 4 points.

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Avianca is the first commercial airline established in Latin America and the second in the world. Its main responsibility is to stay ahead in terms of technology, products, services and coverage.

BOA, or Bolivian Airlines, is Bolivia’s state-owned airline. Founded in October 2007 and with the collapse of the other national airline “AeroSur” it took over the total transport domain.

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of Singapore, belongs to the Star Alliance alliance, and is one of the most awarded airlines in the world, for the excellence of its service and the modernity of its fleet.

UIA Ukraine International Airlines was founded in 1992 and is the largest airline in Ukraine. It connects Madrid and Barcelona with this country on direct flights and, with a stopover in Kiev, with many other destinations, especially in Central Asia.

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Denied boarding is the refusal of the airline to carry a passenger on a flight, despite the fact that the passenger has presented himself/herself for boarding in compliance with the requirements set forth in the Conditions of Carriage, unless there are reasonable grounds for such refusal, such as health, safety, security, presentation of inadequate travel documents. An example of denied boarding is overbooking.

If boarding is denied against the passenger’s will, the passenger’s rights include: Right to assistance, Right to reimbursement or re-routing, Right to be compensated immediately (meaning that the passenger does not have to take any additional steps to be paid such compensation) between 250 € and 600 €, depending on the distance of the flight:

Cancellation is the non-performance of the scheduled flight for which we had purchased a ticket. Delay is the delay of the flight at the airport of origin in relation to the time initially scheduled in your reservation. The rights that can be invoked in these cases are: Right to information, assistance and reimbursement or re-routing on the same terms as denied boarding, and Right to be compensated (except in extraordinary circumstances).

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