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Since March 1, 2022, and by resolution of the European Council, it is possible to travel to Germany for non-essential travel from outside the European Union. On the other hand, since June 11, the general regulations have been greatly relaxed, reducing the requirements for traveling to Germany and facilitating mobility between countries.

It is a free document, valid throughout the EU, which can be obtained in paper or electronic format and generates a QR code with all the information, thus facilitating its reading. It is not mandatory for travel, but it makes it much easier to present the documentation referred to vaccination tests, recovery and tests.

Here you can consult the map of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for incidence and other data on coronavirus in the different European regions. However, please note that the parameters for entry into Germany are set by the Robert Koch Institute.

Please note that these standards are currently suspended except for entry into healthcare facilities or nursing homes where there is a vulnerable population. Therefore, the application of these standards are not a requirement for travel to Germany.


In just 30 seconds and with just a few clicks, you can book a round-trip domestic flight or a room in one of the more than 800,000 accommodations available, specially selected for business travelers and including preferred hotels at your company’s corporate rates.

Stay up to date before and during your trip with real-time travel status updates, gate notifications and health and safety alerts related to your destination.

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The mobile application however seems to have several problems ranging from the translation of the texts into English to its erratic operation with disconnections and situations that prevent to complete the form correctly.

@Ryanair @Ryanair_ES I travel to Mallorca on monday and now I m registering on Spain Travel Health but they ask my seat number. I don’t want to pay to checking in, so I need to wait 24h before departure. But We need to fill in the document 48h before. How can I do ?- Guillaume Jln (@JGuillaumee) June 12, 2021

In the case of the Android version there are several complaints that point to how you can’t leave the form in the background to check information to enter because you lose all progress, as well as intermittent crashes that make completing the whole process cumbersome and uncomfortable.

MissCar the NEW APP for traveling in Spain

Sometimes the prices of hotels, such as those you can find on Airbnb or Trivago, are out of budget. In this case Airbnb is an interesting option, as it allows you to rent apartments or private rooms at an acceptable price. The platform itself is in charge of managing the payment and provides you with the necessary information about the landlord, as well as other people’s opinions.

Airbnb’s success is unquestionable: despite the problems it has had to establish itself in some European cities, this American startup has become the first choice for millions of travelers around the world to find a suitable (and cheap) place to stay during their vacations.

Sometimes on vacation, it can be difficult to find something interesting to do or visit if you don’t go hand in hand with a tour guide. In response to this, this application shows the different places of interest around us, breaking them down into different categories such as restaurants, entertainment, etc. Within the entries of the places it presents contact information, schedules, specific location and other information of interest.

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