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9. The ideal means of transport to travel in AndalusiaThe means of transport should always be chosen based on the distances and the availability that you have.  There are areas and walks that are more pleasant to do on foot or by bicycle: remember that in this way you are consciously contributing to the environment and enjoy the journey at a slower speed that will allow you to appreciate the scenery.    Travel by train: rail transport is a classic in European countries. If your stay is relatively short and you want to take advantage of all your time doing activities, I recommend you rent a car or use the “Bla bla car” application to reduce costs.  Read more: The mega guide to travel to Barcelona: what to see, what to do and much more10. The food you should not forget to taste

“Pela lei natural dos encontros, eu deixo e recebo um tanto”- Novos Baianos. Travel: is to move to another place, therefore it is synonymous with change. Change of look, of perspective, of people and within the change the differences on the way. To travel is to be free. It is to be lost and to go out to look for oneself in order to find oneself. It inspires me to relive my travels by talking to people, so if you have doubts, concerns, questions and a lot of curiosity, I am here to tell you about my experiences and to help you! So accept the invitation, accept the journey, and decide to take the risk!

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7 commentsDo you want to know the most amazing places to see in the province of Cadiz? I warn you that this province has a good time. Cadiz is one of my weaknesses in Andalucia. It is also one of the most complete provinces. Cadiz has endless possibilities. It has a huge range of white villages, wild beaches and landscapes that will hook you from minute one.

1 commentIf you think of Andalusia, its most typical cities come to mind: Malaga, Granada, Seville, Cordoba… But Andalusia is not only these cities, Andalusia is much more. When you already know the main Andalusian cities I propose you a plan B: to visit the Medium Cities of the Center of Andalusia. What are these Medium Cities? They are a group of five cities in the interior of Andalusia that are very close to each other and “right in the middle” of Andalusia.

20 commentsNerja is one of the most touristic towns in the province of Malaga. If it is for a reason, don’t you think? This coastal town can boast of being one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia. In addition, with the passage of time it has not lost a bit of charm. It is full of white houses, has a very well maintained center and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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**Breakfast and departure to Extremadura to reach Cáceres with free time to walk around the old town and its medieval quarter, considered a World Heritage Site. Free lunch. Afterwards departure by the “Autovía de la Plata” highway towards Andalusia to arrive in Seville. Dinner and accommodation.

**Breakfast. Departure to Tangier crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. Arrival and panoramic tour to see the surroundings of Tangier, Caves of Hercules, Cape Espartel. Dinner and overnight.

**Breakfast and departure through the Middle Atlas, to Volubilis to visit its Roman ruins, main road Decumanus Maximus, which starts at the gate of Tangier and ends at the Triumphal Arch of Caracalla. Continuation to Meknes,** one of the Imperial cities that became the capital of Morocco. We will visit the medina, El-Hedim square and the Bab Al Mansour gate. In the afternoon arrival in Fez. Dinner and overnight.

**Visit of the first of the imperial cities, intellectual and religious capital of Morocco. Panoramic tour **panoramic tour, royal palace and its 7 gates or Dar Al-Makhzen, medina of Fez El Bali, the oldest and largest of** Morocco, World Heritage Site, with 785 mosques, 2,000 squares, streets and alleys. From Bab Boujloud **to the Es-Seffarine square we will make a journey through the centuries. We will know the different buildings, guilds and a Medersa. Lunch. Free afternoon. Lodging.

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The EU-27 agreed Wednesday to reopen its external border to tourists vaccinated against the coronavirus in third countries that inoculate vaccines that also have the approval of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), as is the case of the United States or United Kingdom. The conditions for vaccinated travelers to enter the EU are that they have received the full vaccination schedule (two doses in most vaccines on the market) at least fourteen days before their trip, as agreed by the Member States at a meeting of ambassadors in Brussels.

The capitals thus wanted to ensure that travelers from third countries will not enjoy privileged treatment with respect to the situation of Europeans, so the recommendation makes it clear that a Member State may only open its border to third countries if it is already taking into account the vaccines to lift quarantines or the requirement of PCR to Europeans.

Another update agreed by the capitals regarding the criteria for allowing entry into the EU is the revision of the incidence rate to be taken into account. Until now, Member States have limited travel permission to countries whose incidence did not exceed 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a threshold that is now relaxed to 75 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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