Why travel to australia

Why study in Australia


Indeed, don’t read the title again. We have said places NOT to visit in Australia because, in effect, when you come to the Antipodes, you have to avoid visiting these areas if possible. It’s funny, because maybe some of them are recommended in dull tourist guides of Australia. But our recommendations are for those travelers who, like us, prefer to discover a place rather than just visit it.

Aboriginal legend has it that Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, three really beautiful sisters, one day fell in love with three brothers from a different tribe. Tribal law strictly forbade members of different tribes to be together, but this did not seem to matter to the three daring brothers. Without hesitation, they set out to kidnap the girls, taking them away from their tribe so they could be together. However, this triggered a great battle.

And not only the lakes, but, as our three Danish friends well know, the rivers in this area are also often a place to respect. In fact, they have not been the first to end up sleeping in their car with these animals around. And it’s not just the crocodiles that are the factor to watch out for, but simply their waters.

The importance of traveling to Australia

With a simple backpack we set out to travel Australia from one end to the other and the experience was amazing. We had the opportunity to do several itineraries all of them full of excursions, in each of which we learned about its culture and nature in a closer way.

On the excursions you have two options: opt for action or relaxation. Since traveling with your backpack already presupposes that you will be in continuous movement, both will have to be compatible. Here are some tips for routes, activities and essential visits to places that I advise you not to miss.

Accommodation for backpackers is based on a wide range of student residences and hostels to choose from, most of them located in a central location in the city or in strategic points to facilitate the displacement of the excursions. These are places where you will meet many people and share pleasant experiences, since a lot of care is taken for the comfort and satisfaction of the resident, starting with that appropriate quality-price ratio.

Advantages of visiting Australia

Australia is a huge country with millions of interesting things to see: culture, natural parks, modern cities or charming villages. So, if you are thinking of traveling to Australia or you are already here, you will be in a mess, because what are the places to visit in Australia? What can’t you miss before your visa expires?

Also known as Uluru, Ayers Rock is a rock formation located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is a sacred place for the Australian Aborigines who call it “the navel of the world”.

If you like Jamiroquai you may have already seen the Ayers Rock in his video clip of “Sltillness in Time”. To visit it you will have to travel 450 km from the nearest town, Alice Springs. Would you like to stay overnight there? Well, take a look.

Once you are there you can make different tours. Most of them go around Uluru. You may be tempted to climb it, but be careful, it is very frowned upon by the locals, remember! it is a sacred place, so do not climb it, you can still hallucinate looking at it from below and touring around.


Just a few days ago, from February 21, all foreign citizens who have the complete vaccination schedule and have been granted any type of visa, will be able to travel freely to Australia. You can consult the approved vaccinations and the type of documentation to be submitted on them at this link of the Australian Passport Office.

Incoming Passenger Card (IPC) to enter AustraliaBefore you leave for your trip, prepare your transfer by taking a look at our article with all the ways to get from Sydney Airport to the city center.

That example has caused the authorities to be very strict about what you can and cannot bring into Australia, although it is rare that it will affect you personally. However, it happened to me twice and with two different things. The first time, when I was carrying part of a ham sandwich that they gave me on the plane and that went to the trash when I arrived. The second time, I had the soles of my hiking boots thoroughly checked on my return from New Zealand to make sure there were no seeds in them.

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