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Jobs in Australia for Argentines


Although each experience is personal, we are going to base ourselves on our own experiences and those of our followers to tell you about the different types of jobs, salaries and something very important: how to look for a job in Australia and not die trying.

In this paragraph we will see how much you can earn with a temporary job in Australia. We are going to speak in average and be guided by the testimonials of our followers. By temporary work we mean those tasks that can be performed for a certain period of time in a hotel, a bar, in the countryside or in a shopping mall.

One of the most sought after options for travelers who want to work in Australia is the countryside. There are many who travel with the Working Holiday Australia 417 visa or the Work and Holiday Australia 462 visa and look for work in rural areas and dairy farms, the truth is that it pays very well and there are many opportunities!

Fortunately for many things! The following list contains some of the most demanded areas and we share it with you so that you have a reference and know where to start looking for a job in Australia.

Working in Australia 2022

The type of visa depends on the period of stay in Australia and the purpose of the visit. For example, you may be visiting Australia as a tourist or businessman; you may want a short stay for temporary work, sports or training programs; or you may want to settle in Australia permanently as a skilled worker.

Some tourist visas are granted through the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system, which issues an electronic permit to travel to Australia for a period not exceeding 3 months, which cannot be extended.

This visa eliminates the need for a passport sticker or stamp. It is generally issued to passport holders from more than 33 countries in Europe, Asia and North America (United States and Canada) through travel agents, authorized airlines or specialized offices to whom the Australian government provides this service free of charge to be offered to travelers.

Work in Australia for foreigners

There are many possibilities to find a job in Australia, depending on your level of English you can find different options. At the same time, you can study and live the most exciting nomadic experience. Working in Australia will open the doors to the job market and will help you to grow personally.

Depending on the city you choose you will also know what kind of jobs and opportunities you will have. The main cities in Australia are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. If you want to know a little more about these cities and their quality of life take a look at this guide.

We will take care of this for you so relax, at Nomads Experience we will help you fill out the forms and ask you for a series of documents to complete your application, you only have to take care of the payment which is approximately $560 Australian dollars.

There are some people who prefer to start applying for jobs before traveling to Australia, but in our experience we recommend you to do it already when you have arrived in the country as it can be complicated at the time of having interviews as most of them will be face to face. Also, it is always ideal to have at least two weeks of adaptation in which you can tour your city, get settled in your place of residence, among others.

Working in Australia without knowing English

However, there is a big difference with our CVs. In this case, CVs never have a photo. Australians understand that in order to correctly assess our career, we should not be influenced by the way we look. This is a way to avoid bias when making the first selection of CVs.

However, if you travel to Australia with Information Planet you don’t have to worry because we will help you from the destination and try to arrange job interviews for you. We also provide you with a sample CV, cover letter and letter of recommendation.

Another very important aspect to find a job in Australia is the attitude and the smile. The southern country has a way of life characterized by joy and friendliness and in many jobs it will be a quality as important as education or previous experience.

This procedure is 100% free and we help you to do it from our offices. You won’t have to worry because we know how to fill out each form perfectly. If you don’t have a permanent accommodation yet, you can ask for it to be sent to our offices.

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