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CRUCEROS AUSTRALIA Y NUEVA ZELANDA¿Ha soñado alguna vez con dejar atrás sus preocupaciones y navegar hasta una tierra lejana y soleada, refrescada por la brisa del océano? Los cruceros por Australia, Nueva Zelanda o el Pacífico Sur pueden ser la solución. Nuestros cruceros por Australia y Nueva Zelanda le llevarán de viaje a una parte especial del mundo, donde verá espectaculares maravillas naturales: la Gran Barrera de Coral, el estrecho de Milford en Nueva Zelanda o los volcanes de Hawai. Hará escala en islas de fábula como Fiyi, Numea y Tasmania. Y atravesará un paisaje oceánico en el que islas de un verde imposible parecen flotar en lagunas azules más claras de lo que podría imaginar.

Hobart, Tasmania, AustraliaTasmania, antaño el blanco de muchas bromas, es por fin genial. Nuestros cruceros por Australia le llevarán a esta pequeña isla que alberga impresionantes paisajes, bosques centenarios y excepcionales productos locales.ExploreVer Cruceros en Asociación conDili, Timor OrientalConocida como la “Ciudad de la Paz”, Dili es la capital de Timor Oriental, enclavada entre el mar y las colinas circundantes. Pasee por el bullicioso paseo marítimo, camine por la selva virgen, practique el esnórquel entre los arrecifes de coral.

How long does it take to sail from england to australia?

Australia is a distant destination for most travelers and many wonder if, to make the most of the trip, it is not possible to visit New Zealand as well. Of course it is possible, although you need time and money to link both destinations in Oceania because although on the map you see them close together they are not so close.

One of them is the Hansa Rensburg. It departs from Adelaide and arrives in Auckland after six days of travel. One person who has made traveling by freighter the trip of a lifetime is a guy named Hamish Jamieson, who you can contact on the website

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How long does it take to travel on a cargo ship? Normally they leave from ports in the United Kingdom, Hamburg, Rotterdam or Dunkirk. To reach Australia and New Zealand they enter the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar, cross the Suez Canal, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

How much does it cost? The price is between 3,000 and 4,000 pounds (between 3,400 and 4,500 euros). Yes, it is expensive but it is about half the cost of a cruise with a similar route and we would be paying something like 110 euros for transportation, house and food. That’s not too bad.

How long does it take to ship from chile to australia?

Summer officially starts in December and winter in June. If you go on vacation in August, you will find a mild winter in the southern areas, and as you go up, the temperatures will become more pleasant, until you reach the tropical climate of the north, with quite a lot of humidity and very bearable heat.

If you have to change to a domestic flight in a feeder city, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth have different domestic terminals, which requires time and complexity of transit. Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Cairns and the Gold Coast all have domestic terminals within walking distance of each other.

Australia is huge, but sparsely populated. In area, it is the sixth largest country in the world, but the population of the entire country is only 22,000,000. This means that great distances separate its cities and after leaving one city, you can sometimes expect to travel for hours before finding the next trace of civilization.

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