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Australia is an incredible country. Vibrant and modern cities like Melbourne, iconic places like the Sydney Opera House, unforgettable routes like the Great Ocean Road, visits to the mysterious Outback, the lush Great Barrier Reef …. Koalas, kangaroos and platypuses! There is so much to see and do here that you won’t want to live this experience without knowing that, should anything happen to you, you will enjoy the best coverage at all times.

Therefore, we have prepared this detailed guide in which you will learn what is the best travel insurance to Australia, what are its great coverage, its price and how to hire it in a quick and easy way.

“Travel insurance with adequate medical coverage: Given the high medical and evacuation costs in remote areas, it is extremely important to have travel insurance with adequate medical coverage and as broad as possible.”

As you can see, he not only stresses the importance of having a basic international policy for Australia, but also emphasizes that it should have repatriation and extensive medical coverage because of the high costs you will encounter in the country.

International travel insurance

We know that one of the biggest concerns when organizing your trip with the Working Holiday Australia is regarding travel insurance. Traveling insured to any destination should always be a priority, and that is why in this article we are going to tell you what to take into account to hire the best health insurance to travel to Australia!

It is highly advisable to have travel insurance, since in case of any eventuality you can resort to it without having to spend much of your savings, for example, in a medical consultation.

If you are about to embark on your adventure with the Working Holiday visa, surely you must already know that it is not a requirement to have travel insurance to travel to Australia. However, it is often requested at the time of entering the country and that is why it is recommended to have one.

Focusing on Australia, it is important to know that health care in this country is very expensive. For example, a simple care, such as a cold, an otitis, among other things, can cost around USD 300.

Health insurance australia price

Hiring a good travel insurance for Australia is one of the first things we recommend you to do if you are preparing your trip Down Under. Because any unforeseen event can ruin (figuratively and literally) the experience…

However, we have already been on that boat and we know that it is not an easy choice… That is why, in this post we want to tell you why you should travel to the Antipodes with insurance, what coverage you should have, how much a travel insurance for Australia costs and how to get yours online step by step and in a jiffy.

Contrary to what happens in other countries, such as Cuba, Iran or Russia, it is not compulsory to be insured if you come as a tourist or with a Work and Holiday Visa (they will require it if you have a student visa or any other temporary residence visa). They will not ask for it when you apply for your visa, nor at customs, so don’t worry. Even so, traveling without insurance is an imprudence that can cost you a lot of money…

Working holiday travel insurance

The free home medical service** is available Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8am, Saturdays after 12pm and Sundays/holidays all day in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Canberra or Gold Coast.

To request a FREE home medical consultation you need your BUPA card.  Call 137425 or fill in the form at this link and you will receive a call to make an appointment (it may take 10-15 minutes to call you back).

There are no longer any BUPA medical centers in Sydney. Students can go to any hospital, pay and then claim (bearing in mind that it may not cover 100%) or go to a medical center that makes BULK payment. In this second group the student will not have to pay anything at the visit but it is very important that you have the BUPA card otherwise you will have to pay and then claim.

Maria has an ear infection, gets dizzy and is in a lot of pain. She goes to the emergency room at a private hospital, where she has to pay in advance to be seen. She undergoes tests and a scan. Maria makes a claim to the insurance company and is reimbursed 100%.

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