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Taking out a good travel insurance for Australia is one of the first things we recommend you to do if you are preparing your trip Down Under. And any unforeseen event can ruin (figuratively and literally) the experience…

However, we have already been on that boat and we know that it is not an easy choice… That is why, in this post we want to tell you why you should travel to the Antipodes with insurance, what coverage you should have, how much a travel insurance for Australia costs and how to get yours online step by step and in a jiffy.

Contrary to what happens in other countries, such as Cuba, Iran or Russia, it is not compulsory to be insured if you come as a tourist or with a Work and Holiday Visa (they will require it if you have a student visa or any other temporary residence visa). They will not ask for it when you apply for your visa, nor at customs, so don’t worry. Even so, traveling without insurance is an imprudence that can cost you a lot of money…

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Thinking of coming to Australia? Then grab a pen and paper and take note of these tips for traveling to Australia, they will come in handy and may even get you out of a jam at any given moment!

Be very careful with excess baggage, every extra kilo costs an arm and a leg… and think that you will want to bring a lot of things back. We leave you this article that will help you to prepare your suitcase for Australia.

Australian customs is quite strict and there are many things you can’t bring back with you. For example, you may not be able to bring in the medication you are taking without a doctor’s note. So, take a look at this article about bringing medication into Australia.

Always keep it in mind, because at first it is strange and the natural thing is that you will drive as you drive in your country as a reflex… but no! Here are some tips for you to get the hang of it quickly.

Watch out for kangaroos, wombats and other animals because they cause quite a few accidents when they cross the roads. It is not a good idea to drive on secondary roads in poor light, to the point that there are some areas where insurance does not even cover accidents in time slots such as dusk and dusk.

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We know that one of the biggest concerns when organizing your trip with the Working Holiday Australia is regarding travel insurance. Traveling insured to any destination should always be a priority, and that is why in this article we are going to tell you what to take into account to hire the best health insurance to travel to Australia!

It is highly advisable to have travel insurance, since in case of any eventuality you can resort to it without having to spend much of your savings, for example, in a medical consultation.

If you are about to embark on your adventure with the Working Holiday visa, surely you must already know that it is not a requirement to have travel insurance to travel to Australia. However, it is often requested at the time of entering the country and that is why it is recommended to have one.

Focusing on Australia, it is important to know that health care in this country is very expensive. For example, a simple care, such as a cold, an otitis, among other things, can cost around USD 300.

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Buy your travel insurance to Australia online and in just a few clicks with Chapka. Choose the insurance that best suits the duration of your trip (tourism, round the world, au pair, Working Holiday Visa, volunteering, students, expatriates…).

On the other hand, travel insurance not only protects you against health problems that may arise in Australia, but also avoids unplanned expenses related to your luggage, unused services contracted during your trip, civil liability or early return in case of having to bring forward your return due to hospitalization or death of a close relative.

The best time to visit Australia, therefore, will depend on the purpose of your trip. If you are visiting coastal Queensland, central and northern Australia, June to August is a good option. On the other hand, if you want to see the south and southeast of the country, September to May is preferable.

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