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PromotionsWe can offer you great discounts on our rates. We have alliances and direct contacts in these companies. We always strive to get better prices and more benefits for you.

QualityWe know very well all the worries you have. We have selected the best companies and the best plans for you. Besides, we also have been and are clients of these insurances.

ConfidenceWe are already more than 5000 people who are following our project to travel, work and study in Australia. We have 100% compliance and always provide the best possible service.

The insurance can be taken out at any time. It is not necessary to have a definite travel date. As soon as you have the exact date, you can contact us up to a few days before departure to change the start date of the insurance.

No. The insurance will be activated automatically on the day you indicated as the start date. You must make sure that these data are correct and in case they are wrong or have been changed, you can let us know before the insurance becomes effective (before the day you set as start date).

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Chubb provides insurance that you can buy instantly and easily online. You can choose from a selection of coverages that best suit your budget and customize some of the options to ensure your coverage is worth what you pay.

When you purchase Chubb travel insurance, you’re instantly covered by Chubb Assistance, our 24-hour emergency hotline that gives you the support you expect when you need it, anywhere, anytime.

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For “maternity and childbirth” coverage, there is a 12-month waiting period. This is also the case for other care, such as treatment for illnesses that the patient had before taking out the insurance. It is important to look at the waiting period (until you can use the service from the time you take out the insurance) for each coverage.

What is the price of OVHC health insurance? The insurance prices are suitable for all types of pockets and needs. They range from $75 AUD per month to $298 AUD (in this case they include practically everything).

What to do if I get sick? If you get sick and go to a doctor or hospital with which Allianz has a direct-billing agreement, you will only have to present your card and they will handle it directly between themselves. You will not have to make any other arrangements with Allianz. You can search for direct-billing doctors or hospitals here.

You can also go to doctors with whom Allianz does not have a direct-billing agreement, but in that case, you will have to pay the bill and then claim the expenses back from Allianz or, if the doctor provides it, request payment directly from Allianz for that doctor/hospital, etc. Here you can see all the doctors.

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The free home medical service** is available Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8am, Saturdays after 12pm and Sundays/holidays all day in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, Canberra or Gold Coast.

To request a FREE home medical consultation you need your BUPA card.  Call 137425 or fill in the form at this link and you will receive a call to make an appointment (it may take 10-15 minutes to call you back).

There are no longer any BUPA medical centers in Sydney. Students can go to any hospital, pay and then claim (bearing in mind that it may not cover 100%) or go to a medical center that makes BULK payment. In this second group the student will not have to pay anything at the visit but it is very important that you have the BUPA card otherwise you will have to pay and then claim.

Maria has an ear infection, gets dizzy and is in a lot of pain. She goes to the emergency room at a private hospital, where she has to pay in advance to be seen. She undergoes tests and a scan. Maria makes a claim to the insurance company and is reimbursed 100%.

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