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For “maternity and birth” coverage, there is a 12-month waiting period. This is also the case with other care, such as treatment for illnesses that the patient had before taking out the insurance. It is important to look at the waiting period (until you can use the service from the time you take out the insurance) for each coverage.

What is the price of OVHC health insurance? The insurance prices are suitable for all types of pockets and needs. They range from $75 AUD per month to $298 AUD (in this case they include practically everything).

What to do if I get sick? If you get sick and go to a doctor or hospital with which Allianz has a direct-billing agreement, you will only have to present your card and they will handle it directly between themselves. You will not have to make any other arrangements with Allianz. You can search for direct-billing doctors or hospitals here.

You can also go to doctors with whom Allianz does not have a direct-billing agreement, but in that case, you will have to pay the bill and then claim the expenses back from Allianz or, if the doctor provides it, request payment directly from Allianz for that doctor/hospital, etc. Here you can see all the doctors.

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The main reason not to travel to Australia without insurance is the high cost of health care in the country. Any care, however minor, will exceed the cost of the travel insurance itself. Adequate travel insurance to Australia will save you from incurring any medical expenses, from an outpatient visit to an operation and even repatriation to your home country. Just a medical consultation in Australia has an average price of 300€ and an appendicitis operation is around 5000€. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also insists on this recommendation, especially if you are going to practice adventure activities, so that you travel covered against sporting accidents.on the other hand, a trip to Australia has a high price and, if you have to cancel or interrupt it once at destination, you would lose the cost of flights, accommodation and other reservations that you must cancel. It is very important that your travel insurance to Australia includes travel cancellation reimbursement coverage.

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Just the very name of Australia causes, to those who do not know this country, an immediate torrent of potential evocations and expectations. But the capacity of enthusiasm that every visitor carries in him, can be diminished when, on having come to this place, he verifies that part of his expected fascination remains in the way.

Of course, Australia has attractions, every country has them and, in short, a trip is always a trip. But in this case, the balance of trade-offs is hardly balanced – if not tipped to the adverse side – if we place the pros and cons, what is demanded and what is received, on either side of the plate.

When the User has to interrupt his/her trip due to death of the insured or family member, illness or medical condition, scheduled organ transplant of the insured, traffic accident, uninhabitable home of the insured, recession or dismissal of the insured.

In the event that the Insured is unable to travel on his/her own due to an accident or illness, he/she will be transported to a health center near his/her location for emergency medical care by ground transportation (ambulance or cab).

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Buy your travel insurance to Australia online and in just a few clicks with Chapka. Choose the insurance that best suits the duration of your trip (tourism, round the world, au pair, Working Holiday Visa, volunteering, students, expatriates…).

On the other hand, travel insurance not only protects you against health problems that may arise in Australia, but also avoids unplanned expenses related to your luggage, unused services contracted during your trip, civil liability or early return in case of having to bring forward your return due to hospitalization or death of a close relative.

The best time to visit Australia, therefore, will depend on the purpose of your trip. If you are visiting coastal Queensland, central and northern Australia, June to August is a good option. On the other hand, if you want to see the south and southeast of the country, September to May is preferable.

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