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Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, national parks with incredible landscapes, cities full of dynamism such as Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, how to resist the call of Australia? A few weeks will not be enough to discover all its mysteries and treasures, but your stay will give you a first idea of what this country has to offer. And to enjoy the show in the best conditions, we invite you to take out travel insurance for Australia, it will avoid many unpleasant surprises.

Compare travel insurance to find the best deal. Guarantees, prices, compensation limits, deductibles, each insurer offers different contracts, would you like to discover the insurances of Chapka, Axa, Mondial Assistance (Allianz) and ACS? Discover our table and ask for a quote, it’s free and without obligation.

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We know that one of the biggest concerns when organizing your trip with the Working Holiday Australia is regarding travel insurance. Traveling insured to any destination should always be a priority, and that is why in this article we are going to tell you what to take into account to hire the best health insurance to travel to Australia!

It is highly advisable to have travel insurance, since in case of any eventuality you can resort to it without having to spend much of your savings, for example, in a medical consultation.

If you are about to embark on your adventure with the Working Holiday visa, surely you must already know that it is not a requirement to have travel insurance to travel to Australia. However, it is often requested at the time of entering the country and that is why it is recommended to have one.

Focusing on Australia, it is important to know that health care in this country is very expensive. For example, a simple care, such as a cold, an otitis, among other things, can cost around USD 300.

Best travel insurance

To be able to leave in peace and enjoy the days without too many thoughts it is important to protect yourself with a good travel insurance. Which one? here some tips and tricks to choose among the best travel insurances in Australia!

E’ specialized exclusively in travel insurance and all include travel assistance, medical expenses coverage with different limits, direct payment of hospitalization, repatriation and telephone assistance in Italian.

For those on leisure or business travel to Australia, to feel safer in case of accidents, illness, travel and flight cancellations, we recommend that you always take out personal travel insurance.

Many people consider travel insurance to be an additional, optional and unnecessary cost, but we want you to understand why it is often essential to have one when you are abroad for work or pleasure.

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OSHC Australia es impulsado por Cohort Go. Pague su OSHC, la matrícula y otros gastos relacionados con los estudios con Cohort Go para ahorrar aún más en su póliza con tipos de cambio competitivos y sin comisiones, nunca.

Tu póliza de OSHC debe cubrir todo el periodo de tu visado. Por lo tanto, necesita obtener una póliza que comience el día después de la finalización de su póliza anterior y continúe hasta la fecha de finalización de su visado. Puede adquirir esta póliza antes de que finalice su póliza actual. Al ampliar su cobertura de OSHC, puede cambiar de proveedor de OSHC.

Su póliza de OSHC debe cubrir todo el periodo de su visado. Por lo tanto, si su póliza caduca, necesita obtener una póliza que comience el día después de la finalización de su póliza anterior y que dure hasta la fecha de finalización de su visado.

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