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Australia is an increasingly popular destination for travelers from all over the world. But such a trip to the other side of the world must be prepared in advance and we are not only referring to the itinerary or the stay, but above all to the administrative formalities to be done before going to this country. Here are some tips for traveling to Australia with peace of mind thanks to the documents you need for your trip.

Whatever the reason for your trip to Australia and its duration, you must have a valid passport for your stay. As Australia is not part of the European Union, your identity document alone will not allow you to travel to Australia. Therefore, it is essential that you have a valid passport.

If this is not the case, you should apply for your passport as soon as possible, as it can sometimes take a long time to obtain it. This administrative procedure must be carried out at the town hall of your place of residence at least one or two months before your departure date. You will need to submit the following documents to complete your application:

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So it’s time to pack your bags, start saying goodbye to your family and friends to start your international project in Australia. And if the uncertainty made you think about postponing the paperwork and your trip, leave those ideas behind: this is the time for you to start your process with confidence!

In order for you to have everything clearer and to reactivate your international academic project with confidence, we have prepared an abc of everything you need to know about Australia’s open borders for international students.

All international students who are eligible visa holders and are fully vaccinated (if your vaccination requires two doses, you must have both). Similarly, humanitarian workers, skilled workers, temporary family visa holders and working holiday visa holders will be able to enter the country.

Although the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had announced that as of December 1, 2021, all student visa holders who are fully vaccinated would be able to travel to Australia without the need to apply for a travel exemption, this decision had to be postponed until December 15, 2021.

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If you have all the documents ready, then it is time to complete the online form and upload all the documents to the Australian Immigration System, as explained below.

To start with the ONLINE application the first step is to create an account in the Australian Immigration System. To do this you will need to register with ImmiAccount by clicking on Create an ImmiAccount, as shown in the image below:

At the end of the form they are asked to indicate their estimated date of travel to Australia (it does not matter if they do not go on that date), and they must also answer if they have a letter of support from the Government of their country.

Since this is a re-application, they will only ask for an original passport, a passport-type photograph and proof of current economic solvency. At the end of the visa application process, you will not have to pay anything.

You will have to fill in all the information that appears in your passport, your national identity card (where it says “national identity card”), place of birth, marital status and some personal questions.

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On the website of the Ministry of Interior there is a form to be filled in online. If the applicant is a minor, one of the parents must process the application in his/her name and provide his/her own (one parent’s) data in the online form. If the reason for applying for an identity card for a minor child is a trip, it is necessary to make an appointment as soon as possible, as such appointments are not given in a short time.

To obtain the passport it is necessary to request an appointment that can be processed on the same website used to request the ID card. The passport is obtained within 2 working days and must be picked up by the applicant or by the authorized person if the applicant is a minor.

At the appointment to apply for the minor’s passport it is necessary to present the identity card of the minor, a recent identification photo, the family certificate, the identity card of one of the parents and a certificate of residence. If the minor does not have identity documents, it is also necessary to present a birth certificate issued by the civil registry. It is advisable to go to the website of the Ministry of the Interior for further information.

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