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In most places you can pay by credit card, although we recommend you to have Australian dollars. You can withdraw them directly in ATMs. It will be the same or cheaper than changing currencies in the exchange houses.  Calculate that you will need in cash about 20AU$ per person and day that you are in Australia.

Forget about carrying money and change currency at the airport, in any tourist office or on websites like Ria or Exactchange. They will always tell you that they do not apply commissions but they have them included in the exchange rate and they are usually between 6% and 10% even. The logical alternative is to pay whenever possible by credit card. But be careful because most banks apply a 4% commission on credit card payments abroad (and those that say they do not apply it, such as EVO bank, hide their commission in the exchange rate).

If you want to save this extra cost, do not hesitate. Travel with REVOLUT. A new free card, with an App from which you will control everything in a very intuitive way and that always applies the interbank exchange rate.

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Australia is huge and each state has a lot of autonomy to manage different things. This happens with the transport cards in Australia: each state has one and with them you will be able to save some good dollars when you travel in buses, trains, ferries and other means.

We are going to give you info about the different transport cards in the main Australian cities, very attentive, because we assure you that when you see the differences in the rates you will be grateful to have taken them out.

With it you will be able to move all over South East Queensland including: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. Travel with the Go Card is always at least 30% cheaper than with a single ticket and automatically calculates the entire cost of your trip, even if you have used different means of transport. Here are the fares depending on the areas where you move.

It is the Perth transport card and with its use you reduce at least 10% compared to a single ticket. There are different types, as in the previous cases. The normal one is the standard one, but if you are a student, pensioner, etc. you can get others with more benefits.

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You can buy an Opal Card at the Sydney airport when you land in order to start using the train or bus to go to your backpacker or destination. To purchase the card look for Opal Kiosks located at train stations, convenience stores and businesses such as 7 Eleven or News Agencies (they usually have a sign on their outside windows with the OPAL logo).

The app for smartphones and tablets is called Opal Travel (official). From the APP you can see your balance, see how much trips cost and find out about relevant information such as service interruptions and new schedules.

For several months now, as you may have noticed if you live in Sydney, from the eighth trip onwards the remaining trips are NOT free. Since last September 5th, from the 8th trip of the week – counting from Monday to Monday – you will get a 50% discount… Not so bad either, is it?

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