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CRUCEROS AUSTRALIA Y NUEVA ZELANDA¿Ha soñado alguna vez con dejar atrás sus preocupaciones y navegar hasta una tierra lejana y soleada, refrescada por la brisa del océano? Los cruceros por Australia, Nueva Zelanda o el Pacífico Sur pueden ser la solución. Nuestros cruceros por Australia y Nueva Zelanda le llevarán de viaje a una parte especial del mundo, donde verá espectaculares maravillas naturales: la Gran Barrera de Coral, el estrecho de Milford en Nueva Zelanda o los volcanes de Hawai. Hará escala en islas de fábula como Fiyi, Numea y Tasmania. Y atravesará un paisaje oceánico en el que islas de un verde imposible parecen flotar en lagunas azules más claras de lo que podría imaginar.

Hobart, Tasmania, AustraliaTasmania, antaño el blanco de muchas bromas, es por fin genial. Nuestros cruceros por Australia le llevarán a esta pequeña isla que alberga impresionantes paisajes, bosques centenarios y excepcionales productos locales.ExploreVer Cruceros en Asociación conDili, Timor OrientalConocida como la “Ciudad de la Paz”, Dili es la capital de Timor Oriental, enclavada entre el mar y las colinas circundantes. Pasee por el bullicioso paseo marítimo, camine por la selva virgen, practique el esnórquel entre los arrecifes de coral.

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If we want to fly to Australia from Europe, we have offers to make the flight from almost all capitals, making a first stopover usually in London, Paris or Frankfurt and maybe another in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan or Dubai.

British Airways, Iberia, Alitalia, Qantas, Air France, Lufthansa … all offer flights from Europe to Australia for about 1000 € round trip. The season to buy the cheapest tickets is generally from the end of Easter to the beginning of July, when it is winter in this part of the world.

The main airports are all connected by bus to the city. You will also find cab service and in some cases train service. Another option is to rent a car in the same terminal and start your tour of Australia driving.

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By taking a route along the Australian coastline with a yacht charter in Australia you will enjoy this exotic and exceptional country from a privileged point of view.  Top Sailing Charter offers you the possibility to choose from a wide variety of charter boats to tour this continent at your leisure, you will never want to leave!

Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is perfectly visible from the moon? It may seem incredible, but it’s understandable when you consider that it stretches for some 2,300 kilometers off the coast of the state of Queensland. Between the coast and the outer Great Barrier Reef, more than 100 kilometers away, stretches the Coral Sea. With boat rentals in Australia, in Airlie Beach for example, you can navigate some of its islands such as the Whitsunday Islands, so named by Captain Cook in 1770. The Australian coastline has a lot of beautiful places to discover and a lot of water sports to do. Also don’t miss Hamilton Island Nature Park, one of the many parks and protected natural areas of Australia, where you can see some of the most characteristic native animals such as kangaroos, koalas or wombats.

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Sydney is well known for its Opera House, built after an architectural competition. The City Tower is also worth a visit, especially for the views it offers of the entire city of Sydney. In the harbor, you can see a replica of the ship of James Cook, the explorer who discovered the Cook Islands and Australia.

In Melbourne, Federation Square is a must-see: a cultural hotspot with museums, cinemas, stores, restaurants and bars. Most of your sightseeing will take you here, such as the National Gallery of Arts, whose collection includes famous European paintings by artists such as Picasso.

Central Australia will allow you to see kangaroos and Uluru, a rock formation, often defined as a terrestrial iceberg, given its geology. With its more than 350 meters high, the Uluru is impressive.

If you want to see the big cities of Australia, in the southeast of the country, such as Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or Adelaide, the ideal time is from October to March, when it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere. For central Australia, or the north and places like Cairns, the opposite is true: opt for the season from March to October.

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