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The images that come to mind when we think of traveling to Australia are the Sydney Opera House, its beautiful and famous beaches, the incomparable Great Barrier Reef, the mythical Ayers Rock and the fangs of a crocodile or a white shark.

When it comes to beaches, when traveling to Australia you can find a wide variety of styles and beach landscapes that will leave you breathless. This is because the Australian coastline stretches for almost 50,000 km.

Trips to Australia can show us fascinating images like the ones you will see in the video we wanted to share this afternoon.The Lights of Southwest Australia is a project in which five photographers and a video cameraman travel around this area of the country to take truly captivating images.The video lasts 10 minutes, but it is well worth it for the fantastic photographs,…

A giant isolated from the rest of the world, very mysterious for some and the antipodes for us. The trips to Australia are long, but at the same time desired because it is one of the most important tourist destinations on earth, it is a gigantic country, with many unforgettable experiences ready to dazzle the traveler. In order to make the most of your trip,…

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Population: 25’000.000 Approx.Government: Parliamentary democracyCurrency: 1 Australian Dollar (AUD) = 1,10 USD Approx.Capital: CanberraMain cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast.Curious facts:

The paperwork is completed online.  The time of study of the application is between 5 to 8 weeks, the visa is electronic and will arrive directly to the admissions department of Global Connection. After completing the application you must request an appointment at the CCBA (Biometrics Capture Center for Australia) for the Biometrics data collection.

The cost of the tourist visa is 155 AUD (including an approximate fee of 10 AUD for the use of the card). With this visa students can stay up to 12 weeks. Payment is made online by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card. Additionally, students must pay 77 USD for biometrics, which are paid in Colombian pesos at the rate of the day the biometrics are taken.

Routes to Australia

This agency has fewer cities to its credit as far as Australia is concerned but the most important ones are: Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane. However, there is a lack of programs in places like Perth or Adelaide.

In total, they work in more than 50 destinations around the world, so it is a recommendable option if we are not only looking for the best agencies to study in Australia but we do not care about the destination.

It also offers language programs and professional courses in different cities. As a differential value, it should be noted that it also has programs to work on farms in Australia or as an au pair, so if our goal is to work it can be a good idea.

In this case, we also find base prices and prices from when they apply. There is also a good definition of each program, so we can take a look at what we want to study before asking for more information or a personalized quote.

Dingoos is another of the best agencies to study in Australia specialized in the country. In this case, it is an agency specialized mainly in language courses, although it also offers professional, vocational and university courses.

All-inclusive travel to Australia

“If you make a hole in the ground and go straight ahead you will appear in Australia”. How many times have we heard this sentence and how many times have we imagined ourselves sticking our heads out in front of a kangaroo! Australia is our antipodes. Australia is what lies on the other side, a huge island/continent that we would all like to visit at least once in our lifetime.

We also have to take into account that there are areas of Australia where it is very hot in summer. That is why, thinking about those people who want to make this fantastic trip this summer (for us) we have selected a series of travel agencies with varied programs to Australia.

Australia is both a country and a continent of great contrasts. With our expert Spanish-speaking guide we will visit the islands and beaches of the east coast, in front of the Great Barrier Reef. In the north, the tropical forests of Kakadu National Park contrast with the more deserted areas of the Red Centre and the impressive Uluru. Modern and lively cities are the counterpoint to the spectacular scenery of this great island (see more).

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