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In Sydney you are going to find many hotels of very different prices, as in all cities, I always recommend that the location is good to be well located and not miss anything of this amazing city.

Continuing our relaxed walk enjoying this great city, we will border the Royal Botanic Gardens following a pedestrian path called Mrs Macquaries Rd, where at the end, at the most extreme point of the park we will find the famous chair of this woman…Mrs Macquaries’s chair; from here, get ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful and impressive views of Sydney! You will have in front of you the famous Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Skyline and the Harbour Bridge.

At that point we will already have a good walk on top…it wouldn’t hurt to have a drink in any of the harbor bars (just below the Opera House there are some pretty trendy bars and restaurants). However, if what we are looking for are good and original restaurants, there we have The Rocks! An area of the port of old warehouses remodeled that have been left with a lot of charm next to the famous Harbour Bridge … a perfect choice to go to dinner at night with wonderful views!

Activities in sydney australia

We tell you which are the best books about Australia, divided into travel guides, children’s books, novels and essays, especially historical. Plus, a couple of ideas on where to buy them. Make yourself comfortable, let’s get started!

Reading is one of the best ways to plan a trip and make the most of it! Knowing a little bit about the history and culture of the country where you are going will make you learn and understand more about what you see and experience, don’t you think? The case of the Antipodes is no different, so reading some of these titles is one of those essential things to do in Australia.

As soon as you set foot in a bookstore in Australia, you will realize that they give a lot of importance to local authors. In almost every bookstore we know, there are sections dedicated to Australian writers and even to little or unknown titles on very specific topics of the state or region where you are. And hey, we think it’s great!

We can’t travel without our guidebook, wherever we go, and we love to collect them too! If you are one of our team, here we recommend the travel guides to Australia that we use the most:

When are the vacations in Australia

We want to start this travel guide by showing you the map of Australia so you can easily locate where the places you want to visit are and you can organize your route through Australia more easily.

Although some of the main cities of the country are indispensable in any trip around Australia, it is important to keep in mind that Down Under (term with which Australia is known) is primarily a country of landscapes and nature.

In Australia there are many other national parks that are spectacular, if you have the opportunity to spend some time in Australia we recommend that you dedicate some breaks to see the nature of the country and discover the breathtaking landscapes of Australia because they have no waste.

West Coast of AustraliaThe west coast of Australia is much wilder, is less populated and has a little more complicated logistics to organize a trip, which makes it much more interesting.

This is our selection of places to go in Australia, we have listed some of the tourist areas of Australia and other places to visit in Australia less known but also spectacular.

Travel Itinerary to Australia

In this guide you will find information for your tourist trip to Australia and about the Vacation and Work Program. Please note that Argentine citizens need a visa to enter Australia.

Remember that at the moment it is not possible to withdraw money from ATMs with Argentine debit cards but it is possible to make transactions with credit cards. Check with your bank, before leaving Argentina, the conditions for using your credit card abroad.

Argentine citizens require a visa to enter Australia. Information on visa extension requirements can be obtained from the website of the Australian Embassy in Argentina.

In order to enter Australia you must travel with a valid passport. Also check the minimum period of validity of the passport required to enter Australia (usually 6 months depending on the visa with which you will be allowed to enter Australia).

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