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Under the new agreement, STA Travel will use the Amadeus reservation system in more than 29 markets to access travel product and service content through the Amadeus partner network. As of today, STA Travel already enjoys the benefits of some of Amadeus’ IT solutions, including the Amadeus e-Travel Management online booking tool specifically for corporate travel. Taking into account its specific needs, Amadeus has also developed a tailor-made e-ticketing solution for STA Travel.

Project 3: Stop Motion (Cutout animation) – Travel

I confess, I’m addicted to our gastronomy and, of course, to the gastronomy of Navarre, the gastronomy of my homeland. Would you like a sample? Sharpen your fangs, here comes the ajoarriero from Navarre, a delicacy made with crumbled cod. Today we are going to go a little further with this video that arouses so much hunger. We will travel the world hand in hand with three young people, who in 44 days and after 18 flights and 38,000 kilometers behind them, traveled 11 different countries.

I have had the opportunity to taste many of the foods we see speeding by. However, it has not yet been possible for me to taste Asian delicacies with more than 4 legs and, to be honest, I am not really sure if I will be able to bite my tongue. They say that most insects taste like shrimp, and I love seafood. So it’s all a matter of trying it.

Travel and Eat

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Video not recommended for those who are on a diet. In barely one minute of footage, three young people summarize a total of 11 countries, 18 flights and more than 61,000 km. in gastronomic postcards of typical -and delicious- dishes from each of the countries visited. It is a short film that is part of a series in which we can also find Movement YouTube and Learning YouTube, recorded by three audiovisual talents, Rick Mereki, Tim White and Andrew Lees, and commissioned by the Australian travel agency STA Travel Australia.

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