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You know who thinks old people can’t travel alone? Cowards! It’s not 1943 anymore. Travel is safe today. Plus, it’s a lot less expensive than it used to be. That gives everyone a chance to visit their favorite places. And traveling alone is a growing trend among all generations.

Many single seniors enjoy the best periods of their lives while traveling. Australia is among the most popular destinations for single seniors in Europe. It’s not surprising because there is so much to experience in the land down under.

Some younger people think that seniors lose all desires to date – OH MY GOD, HOW WRONG THEY ARE! We know that millions of single older people spend their days traveling and dating local people.

Maybe even getting in touch with Australian ladies because that could lead to having a local guide for the whole trip. Just be honest and don’t give anyone false hope. If it’s a vacation adventure, that’s it. Everyone should be okay with that.

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Renting is quite expensive and the guarantee you have to provide is even more so. “Buy a motorcycle, what about the bureaucracy?”, you must be thinking, but Australian law allows you to put a motorcycle in your name on the spot and the road tax includes a basic insurance policy. “Roadside assistance” in Australia is a different concept to how you may understand it in Europe because of the endless distances, so it is a cover that is taken out separately. It is optional, but not cheap.

With our new bike already purchased and with a route plan more or less planned, you are ready to start an adventure in a country that offers so many possibilities that you will probably feel a bit overwhelmed, but it’s all a matter of getting started. Australia awaits you.

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When booking, select your departure location from Perth or Fremantle. If departing from Perth, enjoy a scenic cruise along the Swan River past Fremantle and then on to Rottnest Island. Alternatively, board the ferry at Fremantle and enjoy the 35-minute journey to Rottnest Island.

Head to Rottnest Island from Perth or Fremantle for your tandem skydive. Your experience begins with a warm welcome at the Rottnest Island Terminal Building at Rottnest Airfield, a 15-minute walk from the jetty. After completing your paperwork, strap on your harness and receive a safety briefing, then head to the plane to begin your thrilling adventure.

Take in the incredible scenery from the plane as you climb to your chosen altitude and then, along with your instructor, you’ll freefall at 200 km/h for up to 66 seconds! Your instructor will deploy your parachute at 5,000 feet and then you will enjoy a spectacular 5-minute parachute ride, before landing on the beach with family and friends.

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Australia and New Zealand Tours 2022y Tours, Dare to embark on the greatest adventure of your life on a fascinating journey through the most spectacular places in Australia and New Zealand, two real gems when it comes to wonderful destinations in the world.

Landscapes that leave the most demanding travelers astonished, multicultural cities, enclaves full of adventure possibilities and a relaxed lifestyle make these countries great destinations for your next vacation.

A tour of Australia and New Zealand is, in fact, essential for anyone who claims to be an adventurer. No travel lover should leave off their must-visit list both nations, whose surplus gifts of nature make you fall in love at first sight.

We have incredible tour packages for Australia and New Zealand, showing you the most representative of its cities and regions, from the great Sydney, the “city of a hundred beaches”, to the intrepid Auckland and its island designated as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world.

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