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To travel through the incredible Australian landscape in a few days without missing anything would seem an almost impossible task; however, in two epic train journeys it is possible to contemplate how the eternal landscapes of Australia fly by the window.

So named because it joins two oceans, the Indian and the Pacific, the Indian Pacific has a route of 4,352 km and connects Sydney with Perth (and vice versa), with stops in emblematic cities such as Adelaide or Broken Hill.

The other train that runs through Australia from coast to coast but from North to South, is the famous The Ghan that connects Adelaide with Darwin, through Alice Springs, and vice versa. This route, of 2,979 kms, takes only three days of travel aboard this magnificent train of 36 cars.

The particularity of these trains, in addition to having restaurant cars and exclusive sleeping cabins on board, is that both have a “Chairmans” car, which has four platinum service cabins and a private lounge, especially designed for families or group travel.

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With your visa for Australia you can live the adventure of the longest train journey in the world (4352 km), which crosses the entire Australian territory, from Sydney (Pacific Ocean) to Perth (Indian Ocean), passing through Adelaide. On board the train you can experience pure romanticism, together with your loved ones and visit Australia in a different and spectacular way, an unforgettable train ride with the Indian Pacific. Once on board the train, you will have the wonderful feeling of how this Australian adventure will unfold. The landscapes are contradictory, to the arid expanse of the Nullarbor desert, Passing through every gold mine, ghost town, and vegetation you encounter. All this without curves, the desert section is crossed by 478km in straight line.largo the route is possible to observe canguri and other animals.

It is a legendary train, it travels in 65 hours, the complete trip between stops for guided tours, lasts 3 nights. Excursions to each stop are possible and can be designated by train. On board the train there are different types of services:

Tourist train trips

It seems that ever since the first steam engine made its first trip on metal rails, traveling by train has maintained that romanticism that traveling by road or airplane certainly doesn’t have. That’s why we’ve created this page. Click on any of the boxes to find out more about the different trains and the destinations they serve in Tropical North Queensland.

A trip on the Savannahlander could be one of the best experiences of your life. The ‘Silver Bullet’, as it is also known, winds its way through the rainforest and along the savannah until it reaches the Australian outback. At 50km per hour, this trip takes up to 4 days!

The Sunlander offers one of Australia’s greatest train journeys, running along the coast from Brisbane to Cairns. The Queenslander is not a different train, just a class within the same train – but a luxury class with sleeping compartment and a gourmet restaurant.

The Tilt Train is one of the most modern – and fastest – trains in Australia. It runs along the east coast of Queensland, from Brisbane to Cairns. It offers different travel options and fares and you can dine on board or enjoy a movie.

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This is our favorite way to travel around Australia as it gives us the freedom to stop where and when we want, sleep in amazing places, live on the road and have a truly Aussie experience traveling.

If you are undecided between buying a car or a van, keep in mind that hostels and hotels in Australia are quite expensive so you will probably want the vehicle to be big enough so you can sleep (hippie style) on the road.    Also, many cars and vans include camping equipment.

Trains from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra are operated by NSW TrainLink and within the state of Victoria is the V/Line which connects trains with buses for travel to NSW, South Australia and ACT. Traveling by train, however, can be expensive in some cases.  Below is a rough guide to one-way fares:

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