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Which countries are close to Australia


Located just a couple of hours from Sydney, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes that nature offers you in Blue Mountains, one of the places that cannot be left out of your list when visiting Australia.

Located in South Australia on Middle Island, 200 m wide and 6OOm long, it is surrounded by thick forest vegetation and maleluca plants, where the kings are the eucalyptus. The strange thing… Why pink water?

This lake survives almost no marine species, unless they are bacteria, because it is highly saturated with salt. The beta-carotene and bacterioruberin, the mixture of their photosynthesis give that characteristic reddish pigmentation.

This beautiful park is only 45 minutes from Esperance, its huge granite cliffs and huge coastline are impressive, and its turquoise beaches and whitish sand make them look like the Caribbean.

This is the largest sand island on the planet; declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, a piece of land with a captivating beauty, you can enjoy beautiful streams and crystal clear lakes.

Map of Australia

We want to start this travel guide by showing you the map of Australia so you can easily locate where are the places you want to visit and you can organize your route through Australia more easily.

Although some of the main cities of the country are indispensable in any trip around Australia, it is important that you keep in mind that Down Under (term with which Australia is known) is primarily a country of landscapes and nature.

In Australia there are many other national parks that are spectacular, if you have the opportunity to spend some time in Australia we recommend that you dedicate some breaks to see the nature of the country and discover the breathtaking landscapes of Australia because they have no waste.

West Coast of AustraliaThe west coast of Australia is much wilder, is less populated and has a little more complicated logistics to organize a trip, which makes it much more interesting.

This is our selection of places to go in Australia, we have listed some of the tourist areas of Australia and other places to visit in Australia less known but also spectacular.

Fiji Islands

Sydney, although many believe it, is not the capital of Australia, despite being one of the most important cities along with its capital, Melbourne. One of the main places to see in Sydney is its famous bridge, known as Sydney Harbour Bridge that crosses Sydney Harbour and connects the financial area of the city with the coast, which is where most people live in this city.

There is also a promenade where skateboarders and graffiti are joined by several foodtrucks selling food of all kinds. A colorful place for the senses and one of the places of reference to visit in Australia.

Located in the south of Australia, specifically in Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is famous for being a place where wines are the protagonists. Currently the area has almost a hundred wineries that produce wines of different types, such as pinot noir or sparkling wines.

We recommend that you can have a picnic with friends, or rent a car to enjoy the endless possibilities that the area offers, such as wine tours, discovering the local gastronomy or even visiting a wine tasting.


Sydney is Australia’s major city and serves as the gateway to Asia, an ideal destination for international travelers from all walks of life. This vibrant and energetic city has a multitude of attractions, including world-class dining opportunities, award-winning shows and entertainment, idyllic beaches and a lively nightlife. Cultural attractions not to be missed include the extraordinary Vivid Sydney light sculptures and the iconic Sydney Opera House. For those who love sports and adventure, the place to visit is the Sydney Olympic Park, home of the 2000 Olympic Games. Nature lovers will love the enchanting national parks and attractions, such as the free tours of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Among the many attractions on the Gold Coast are three must-sees, Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads and Surfers Paradise. Broadbeach is the Gold Coast’s posh waterfront neighborhood, where visitors flock to hang out at Kurrawa Beach, shop at Pacific Fair and get lucky at the Jupiter Casino. It’s the hub of festivals, conventions and lively events, all connected by G:Link. Burleigh Heads is the epicenter of world-renowned surfing with international professional events. Other reasons to visit include Burleigh National Park, Burleigh Beach Tourist Park and David Fleay Wildlife Park. Surfers Paradise, the jewel of the Gold Coast, features the stores and cafes of Cavill Avenue and the Q1 building with the SkyPoint observation deck.

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