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To travel to Australia from New Zealand you will have to have from 200 $ and up, all depending on which city you arrive, of course in terms of prices it is usually cheaper to leave from Auckland airport.

The rates also vary according to the date, the services you choose (such as traveling without people in neighboring seats), if it is a direct flight or transit and even the time of the flight chosen (the later the more expensive).

The best and cheapest flight from Madrid to Auckland leaves at 7:15 am and costs $ 987, with a duration of almost 29 hours, in contrast at 9:15 am leaves the fastest at 1267 $, arriving in only 27 hours.

By doing this you will prevent airlines from detecting your activity and the frequency with which you check the pages for prices and therefore you can prevent them from sending you “promotions” of really more expensive flights.

This aspect is crucial and requires some knowledge as for example you can save up to 12% if you travel on a Tuesday as airlines update prices resulting in paying more if you travel on a weekend.

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This kind of comments are the ones I have been told when I was telling people that I was touring Australia and New Zealand hitchhiking or after hitchhiking in countries like Taiwan or Malaysia.

I admit that, before I did it for the first time, I felt that “I don’t know what” in my body when faced with the unknown. A mixture of adrenaline, fear and uncertainty. The fear disappeared immediately as soon as I got into the first car in Taiwan. The adrenaline and uncertainty remain. Not knowing who will be hiding in the next vehicle makes the trip even more exciting.

In the cover photo I have included a few of all those who made my transfers around Australia and New Zealand so much more special and enjoyable than if I had taken another mode of transport. And of course, to all those who hosted me in their homes through Couchsurfing and made me discover the most local and authentic part of both countries.

On the one hand, in New Zealand it is a more than extended practice mainly because the distances between one place and another are not eternal and infinite as in the neighboring country. In Australia I have been in the same car for 10 hours straight!

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We know that each destination has its special charm and it is difficult to choose, but you will have to evaluate which of the six countries fits best with the objectives you have set for yourself and the plans you have imagined for your adventure.

Regarding the language, we tell you that English is the main language in all five destinations. You can study, practice and improve your English in any of the five destinations. And if you like challenges, you can learn Arabic in Dubai, Maori in New Zealand or try French in Canada.

In English courses of 25 weeks of study or more, you can apply for a student visa with an 8-month work permit. You can work 20 hours in study weeks and 40 hours in official holiday periods.

The price of visas, working hours and financial solvency will depend on the destination you choose. Don’t worry! Our team of listeners will tell you in detail what are the requirements of your new home so that you have everything prepared ✈️

Finally, Australia is the country that offers the most places in the Work&Holiday Visa although the nationalities are limited. In New Zealand and Ireland the quota is reduced and in Canada they are granted by lottery, you should consult the list of nationalities that each country establishes for the Work & Holiday Visa.

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Land with excitementYou will have a welcome session and the quickest adaptation at your destination. We will help you to open your bank account, to manage the paperwork to be able to work and to find the accommodation that best suits you.

You will have a welcome session and the fastest adaptation at your destination. We will help you to open your bank account, to manage the paperwork to be able to work and to find the accommodation that best suits you.

Australia is a coastal country and therefore has not only the best beaches and quality of life index in the world, it is also one of the countries with more international students, while you study it allows you to work, it has the highest salaries in the world and also one of the most valued educational systems in the world. Australia is a multicultural country, with a flora and fauna that will take your breath away, it is a true paradise that you have to visit at least once in your life, and what better than moving there for a while?

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