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Going to the Antipodes requires more savings than jumping to the UK: it is estimated between 5,000 and 6,000 euros to pay for travel, visa, school and the first few nights before finding a source of income to support yourself. Hostels often provide bed and breakfast in exchange for three hours of work and also serve as a place of recruitment for other occupations (cleaning, construction, removals, waiters or flyer delivery, stores). Low-skilled work (with higher English, a better job) and stays shared by several residents allow savings for travel.

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Are you a nurse and would you like to continue your profession in Australia? Then you are probably interested in knowing how you can validate your nursing degree to be able to work in Australia. Once you have validated your degree, you may be required to take a bridging course in order to be able to practice. If so, they will send you a letter of invitation that will allow you to come to Australia to take a bridging course so that you can finally work as a nurse here.

These are the nursing assistants who always have to work under the supervision of a nurse. There is also the position of Advanced Practice Enrolled Nurse, which is a senior nursing assistant, due to training and experience, and has more autonomy than the Enrolled Nurses.

The base salary for this professional category can be between $30 AUD and $50AUD per hour, but bonuses, overtime, holidays, experience, responsibilities, specialty, etc. must be taken into account. So we can find ourselves with a range of between $40,000 and $80,000 per year.

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Due to this strong demand, Australia is one of the countries that offers the best conditions to its nurses. The average salary is around 2,000 Australian dollars per week, which would be about 5,000 euros per month. If you also work in a rural area, you don’t have to spend your salary on rent.

Like footballers, many professionals spend a short period of their career working in destinations such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The salary of a healthcare professional in hospitals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is between 17,500 and 30,000 dirhams per month (between 4,500 and 7,000 euros). The tax rate is really low and the country offers other guarantees such as a severance payment of half a month’s salary for each month of work.

Due to the great growth of the area, the demand for employment is absolute and the requirements to work in the country are not as high as we might think. Knowledge of Arabic is a plus, with English being the language you need to learn the most to work in the UAE.

How much does a nurse earn in Australia

-Answer: When I had to choose what to be or what to do, I wasn’t sure. I really liked history and the different cultures and civilizations, I think I wanted to go for the archaeology branch, but volunteering in some archaeological excavations in Madrid discouraged me. I knew I wanted to work with people and in the end I decided to go for the health branch. First I applied for medicine but I was two tenths of a point short and I got Nursing, which I am very happy about now because I would not want to be a doctor now, I love my profession as a nurse.

-Answer: First I came here without a job. I had to do a 3 month course to be able to register as a nurse in Australia. Then I traveled and started looking for jobs on Australian websites. I arrived in Cairns, Queensland, because I had been offered free accommodation in exchange for taking care of two dogs and once there I went to deliver resumes to the hospital. Within 2 hours they sent me a job offer that I accepted without hesitation. As a casual nurse.

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