How much to travel to australia

How much does it cost to fly to australia from colombia?


To answer this question you have to take into account a lot of factors, but we want to help you, so we are going to try with this article to clarify some doubts so you can make your own budget and know how much money you need to come to Australia.

This expense will be the one that will have the most influence in the variation between budgets. The prices of the courses in Australia will depend on the type of course, the institution that gives them and the duration of the course, for example:

When you contact us we will ask you what you would like to study, but also what your budget is. This way we can guide you through the different courses available until we find the ideal course for you.

You will have to take out health insurance (OSHC). The health care here is very expensive and in addition to come with the student visa you are obliged to contract it. The price is about $50 AUD per month. We leave you here the insurances that offer better value for money: Allianz medical insurance, and NIB insurance.

Planning a trip to Australia

How much money will you need for your trip to Australia? You should expect to spend about A$192 ($137) per day on your Australia vacation, which is the average daily rate based on other visitors’ spending.

Previous travelers have spent, on average, A$41 ($30) on meals during a day and A$37 ($26) on local transport. In addition, the average price of a hotel in Australia for a couple is A$170 ($121).

Thus, a trip to Australia for two people for a week costs an average of 2,684 Australian dollars (1,913 dollars). All these average travel prices have been compiled from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

A one-week vacation to Australia typically costs about A$1,342 for one person. Thus, a trip to Australia for two people costs about A$2,684 for one week. A two-week trip for two people costs 5,368 Australian dollars in Australia.

How much does it cost to travel to Australia

In most places you can pay with credit card, although we recommend you to have Australian dollars. You can withdraw them directly in ATMs. It will be the same or cheaper than changing currencies in the exchange houses.  Calculate that you will need in cash about 20AU$ per person and day that you are in Australia.

Forget about carrying money and change currency at the airport, in any tourist office or on websites like Ria or Exactchange. They will always tell you that they do not apply commissions but they have them included in the exchange rate and they are usually between 6% and 10% even. The logical alternative is to pay whenever possible by credit card. But be careful because most banks apply a 4% commission on credit card payments abroad (and those that say they do not apply it, such as EVO bank, hide their commission in the exchange rate).

If you want to save this extra cost, do not hesitate. Travel with REVOLUT. A new free card, with an App from which you will control everything in a very intuitive way and that always applies the interbank exchange rate.

Travel budget australia 1 month

In the posts we have done so far we have talked about how extraordinary Australia is, which is 100% true, but today I want to bring you a bit of reality and talk about one of the drawbacks when deciding to travel to Australia:

Accommodation in Australia will be one of your biggest expenses. The price will depend on whether you want to stay in a hotel, hostel, motorhome or camping. It will also depend on the date of your trip, the city you are visiting, the facilities you need, etc. In other words, there are many variants when it comes to choosing accommodation and it will depend on the type of trip you want to make.

There are passes such as the Discovery Pass and the Queensland Coastal Pass, for train travel through the state of New South Wales and Queensland. It would be similar to what we know as Eurail in Europe.

The supermarket products are more expensive than we are used to, but it is still a very economical way to spend your days in Australia. If you pay attention to the prices and compare the products you can save a lot of money.

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