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Requirements to travel to Australia as a tourist


State and federal governments in Australia have been making decisions every day and we must keep an eye on the news. Most importantly, institutions are continuing their operations. Most are transitioning to online methodologies as the most critical time of the virus passes.    It is important that you keep a close eye on your email so that you are aware of the instructions sent to you by your institution. Also, that you continue as a student, logging into the online platforms, taking your classes and responding to your obligations.

It is very important to remember that your international student status has not changed, therefore, you must continue to comply with your visa. It is important that you follow the instructions given to you by the institution regarding attendance, academic progress and payments.

If you are feeling sick or have had contact with someone who is known or suspected to have Coronavirus and are awaiting results or testing, DO NOT GO TO THE INSTITUTION OR GO TO CONCURRENT PLACES until you test negative or have had 14 days of quarantine.

Travel to Australia from Spain

Unfortunately, coronavirus cases in Indonesia are rising again and we can already talk about a 4th wave. Even so, the authorities expect that this one will not be as high as the previous ones and are encouraging people to put their masks on again.

In terms of vaccination, Indonesia has administered more than 427 million doses, but as a country with such a large population, only 62.1% of the population is immunized with the two doses. It was one of the first countries in the region to opt for the Chinese vaccine and the country’s president was the first world leader to receive it.

With a clear objective of boosting tourism, a fundamental part of the Indonesian economy, the government is placing special emphasis on places such as Bali. Thus, more than 90% is fully vaccinated.

In addition, the new restrictions on moving within the country for booster doses or tests imply a clear move by the state to promote the application of these vaccines. Health workers are already receiving the 4th dose.

Australian tourist visa for Spaniards

There is currently substantial demand for biometric collection services. Waiting times to secure an appointment and receive biometric collection services at our local center can take 3-4 weeks.

If you are unable to provide your personal identifiers within 8 weeks of receiving the request from the Department of the Interior, you must attach a letter explaining the circumstances to your ImmiAccount.

Please note that from January 22, new requirements will be introduced for people traveling or transiting through Australia. Passengers will be required to provide evidence of a negative COVD-19 (PCR) test result to the airline, taken 72 hours or less prior to scheduled departure.

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Djokovic is at his tennis center in Belgrade for an interview and photo shoot for L’Equipe. In his statement he says he distanced himself socially and wore a mask, except when photographs were taken.

Djokovic’s hearing begins, at which the judge decides to overturn the cancellation of his visa and order his release. However, the judge states that Australia’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke reserves the right to deport Djokovic.

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