Good time to travel to australia

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This is a direct consequence of the previous one. As it is summer, the offer of tourism and hospitality increases and this can help you a lot as a student. It is an ideal time for you to find a job that allows you to stay in the country more easily. Remember that with your student visa you will be able to work part-time while you are studying and full-time during your vacations.

Many of our schools’ exclusive promotions end in December, so it is the ideal time to take advantage of these special prices and save on your course. If you would like us to send you some quotes so you can start reviewing them (no obligation) contact us and tell us your plans.

Many schools will allow you to have vacations during the Christmas holidays, so you can take advantage and work full time thanks to your student visa, it never hurts to have some extra income!

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To know when is the best time to travel in Australia, the first thing you need to know is what the weather is going to be like and what you are going to encounter. Therefore, we will start by talking about the seasons in Australia. Since we are in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed:

However, some cities on the east coast also receive a large influx of tourists in the months of July and August, coinciding with the vacations in Europe and the United States. September and October are good months to arrive quietly and settle down. Then, after the summer and from February onwards, it is also quieter.

We regret to inform you that it is never cheap to travel in Australia. To enjoy the country you need a good savings, so no matter when you come or decide to travel around the country, your budget should always be high. However, we can advise you to avoid the months of December and January, which is high season, and to travel in low season to Australia. The low season in Australia coincides with the months of April, May, June, July and August.

Best time to travel to Australia

Well, this is one of the first points to consider! What is your idea? Arrive and start working? Or, take a short vacation and work a few months later? Making this first distinction can help you make the decision on when to go to Australia!

Many of the guys who traveled with their Working Holiday have left their comments regarding what they think is the best time to travel to Australia. We have compiled many of those opinions and reflected them in this section. We hope it can be useful for you as a reference!

Returning to Sydney, we also know that the holiday season is a time of many job offers, because the city is full of tourism and therefore in the hospitality industry mainly, many job opportunities open up! The ideal in this case, would be to arrive more or less in November so you can get a job in time.

Anyway, as in Sydney, many people go to the north because they do not like the cold (and because it is high season there), therefore, although it is not the season with the most job offers, obviously they can get something. Of course, they have to be willing to endure the cold and the rains of those months in Melbourne, where the weather gets a little crazy!

Best month to visit Australia

This oceanic country has very beautiful beaches, but they are full of wildlife, so before jumping into the water it is best to ask, depending on the area, what animals there may be, as it is possible to run into sharks, crocodiles or jellyfish.

The sun in Australia is extremely strong, so it is best to wear plenty of sunscreen, preferably with a protection factor greater than 30. This is very important, even in the city, otherwise you can suffer serious skin burns. That is why it is important to know when to travel to Australia

Any time of the year is good to go to Australia, you have to take into account that the seasons are reversed in this country. The austral summer is from December to February, and is considered the high season.

The weather is usually quite warm and there is a lot of sunshine, perfect for those who want to practice ocean activities. One of the main problems during this time is that everything goes up in price and accommodation can be a bit expensive.

The low season is during the northern summer, in the months of June through August. During this season the weather varies depending on whether you go to the north or the south. For example, in the north it is somewhat sunny, with mild weather and humidity. But in the south it is much colder and rainy, you will even find some ski resorts open in Victoria and New Wales.

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