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The main reason not to travel to Australia without insurance is the high cost of health care in the country. Any care, however minor, will exceed the cost of the travel insurance itself. Adequate travel insurance to Australia will save you from incurring any medical expenses, from an outpatient visit to an operation and even repatriation to your home country. Just a medical consultation in Australia has an average price of 300€ and an appendicitis operation is around 5000€. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also insists on this recommendation, especially if you are going to practice adventure activities, so that you travel covered against sporting accidents.on the other hand, a trip to Australia has a high price and, if you have to cancel or interrupt it once at destination, you would lose the cost of flights, accommodation and other reservations that you must cancel. It is very important that your travel insurance to Australia includes travel cancellation reimbursement coverage.

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Always take out a policy that covers you from the time you leave home until you return, including any flights you may need to get to the cruise port, problems that may arise on board or excursions during the stops the ship makes.

We must keep in mind that medical care on board a cruise ship is expensive, not to mention the purchase of medicines on board. Therefore, it is important to have a good cruise insurance that includes extensive medical coverage.

First, fill in the calculator at the top of this page with the details of your trip. Remember to indicate in Destination the farthest country of your cruise. Click on Calculate.

Depending on the cost of your cruise, choose how much you want to insure your trip in case of cancellation (you can choose up to 6.000€). On this same screen, you can also extend the Accident coverage limits up to 180.000€.

The cruise is a type of trip that is usually booked well in advance, sometimes a cruise is booked more than 3 months in advance. By booking so far in advance, it is more likely that any unforeseen event may arise and finally you will not be able to start your trip, and the cancellation costs of a cruise are quite high.

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OUR MOST COMPLETE INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL INSURANCE. The international travel insurance IATI Estrella, has one of the highest medical expenses coverage in the market, 1.000.000€ extendable up to 4.800.000€ and the highest limits in its wide range of complementary coverage. It is designed for the peace of mind of the most demanding travelers, even when traveling to countries with high medical costs, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia or New Zealand, among others.

IATI Estrella is much more than a travel medical insurance and, among its many baggage, delays or emergency assistance coverages, it has a complete adventure package, extendable even for winter sports or trekking at high altitude, and can also be completed with optional cruise coverage.

Together with this product, you can contract the IATI AirHelp complement, exclusive for our clients, with which we will claim the compensation of up to 600 € that may correspond to you in case of flight cancellation, delay or missed connections.

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In this post we are going to answer all those questions (and a lot more that we are sure you are also asking yourself) and tell you which travel insurance best suits what you are looking for for your next adventure. Shall we start comparing travel insurance?

As always, to make this comparison of the best travel insurance, we have analyzed all those things that for us as users, are important when choosing a travel insurance: price, level of coverage during your stay abroad, variety in the type of insurance, whether or not to advance money, ease of contact, clarity in the terms and conditions and transparency of the web on the information on insurance.

The tables seem to us a great way to visualize much more easily what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the travel insurances we want to talk about. Keep in mind that we are going to compare the most basic travel insurance from each of the brands. Of course, they all have more options that we will break down a little further down in this post.

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