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Whether you are on vacation and enjoying a well-deserved trip or you are an expatriate moving abroad long-term for work or personal reasons, you need to be prepared for what care you will receive in case you need medical attention.    In this article we explain a number of important differences between travel insurance and international health insurance, and recommend some considerations to take into account before traveling abroad.

The difference between travel insurance and international health insurance is a source of confusion for many. Although both are aimed at people who will be spending time abroad, the level of coverage and purpose of each plan is significantly different. Not understanding this difference can leave you in a difficult situation when abroad.

In terms of medical coverage, the purpose of travel insurance is to provide coverage for short-term emergency medical treatment in your specific geographic area of coverage.    Its purpose is to get you well enough to return home.

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A very frequent question from students who want to live in Australia is: if I have my own student health insurance, do I need to get an OSHC? The answer is YES, you need to get an OSHC even if you have health insurance, it is a requirement that you will be required to have before traveling to Australia.

Having health insurance for international students in Australia is of vital importance in order to feel at ease, migrants are not exempt from any incident in a country with a completely new and unfamiliar system. Having an insurance helps you to reduce costs when you need it and in turn helps to reduce time, which you can certainly use to work or study. Since it offers you the facility to enter the App and find the specialist doctor you want at the moment and they offer you the best service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In Australia you have a wide range of options to study, either to do vocational courses, known as technical courses that will undoubtedly help you acquire better skills in certain fields. It also has a system of general English courses regardless of the level of English in which you find yourself, in Australia you can find all kinds of options for this language.    If on the other hand what you want is a university career Australia has an extensive list of the best educational universities around the world. There you can study undergraduate, postgraduate or any of the master’s degrees you want. Some of the options you can study in Australia are:

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In Australia there are different types of medical insurance for those who come to study, travel or work. Depending on the type of visa with which you enter Australia you can access different percentages of medical coverage and associated expenses.

This coverage is ideal for those entering Australia on a 600 or 600+ Visa (Tourist or temporary visitor).    In Australia private health and medical treatments are expensive, that is why it is important to have a good medical insurance that can cover the expenses in case of accident or illness.

All the coverages mentioned above include pharmacy benefits associated with post-operative expenses, full coverage for ambulance transfers and repatriation of remains. It also meets the minimum level of medical insurance required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for certain types of visas (including 457).

If you are applying for a 457 Long Stay Working Visa, the following medical coverages will meet the minimum health insurance requirements imposed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP):

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Australia has a special health cover system for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

All foreign students must have this coverage for the duration of their student visa. OSHC provides health insurance for international students, very similar to that provided by the Australian government to Australian residents through Medicare, which is Australia’s national health insurance system.

If you are coming to Australia on a non-student visa, you do not need this type of insurance. In that case you will need traveler’s insurance or private health insurance, which we can also offer you.

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