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Are you thinking about applying for your first credit card or you already have one, but you don’t know if you have chosen the best option? If so, this article is for you, we will tell you all about the best credit cards in Mexico 2021.

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According to PROFECO, the best credit card option for this 2021 is the Gold version of the Afirme banking institution, it is a financial product backed by Visa, so it has international acceptance.

The next financial product on this list is the BanBajío Gold card, also backed by Visa and also has incredible benefits such as a cash back loyalty program, exclusive promotions in participating establishments and a program of discounts and / or special courtesies in restaurants.

Credit cards offer special conditions and benefits for each user’s needs, so to determine which credit card is best for you, you should evaluate its use and the conditions you are looking for in financial products.

Best credit card for travel

What are the best cards for commission-free travel this 2022? This is the million dollar question and one of the most asked questions we receive, we are going to tell you about the 3 best cards to travel without commissions that we use in our trips, Vivid Money, N26 and Revolut. These cards are tested and approved by us and that’s why in this post we tell you about our experience traveling with them and the advantages/disadvantages of each one so you can choose which one(s) best suits your needs and your trip.

You used to find Bnext in this post because it was one of the best cards to travel without commissions, but now it is not. Why? Because they have changed the conditions and it is no longer a good option for traveling abroad. Take a tip: if you have a Bnext, forget about it for traveling and switch to Vivid Money.

OUR OPINION:In the past, the N26 card was our favorite card. Not only did we use it on our travels, but we made N26 our regular everyday bank. During our long trip of 351 days in Southeast Asia and Australia it never failed us and was the one we used the most [we used the N26 You]. Today, the 1.7% fee on cash withdrawals outside the euro zone and the 10€ fee for the physical card puts it at a disadvantage compared to Vivid Money and Revolut. We used to use it and even recommended it as a primary account, but now we don’t. Now we only use it for travel and as a secondary card. Why? Because we had a problem with the bank and the customer service was lousy. The customer service chat on the app leaves a lot to be desired and we were very dissatisfied and disappointed with the customer service and the response from N26. For that reason we stopped using it as our main account and only use it for travel as a third card.

International visa cards

When traveling, especially when our destination has a currency other than our own, such as Japan, Thailand or the United States, it is very common to carry a large wad of local currency bills in our luggage. But the reality is that carrying a wad of bills is neither the most comfortable nor the safest way to carry money during a trip. So in this post we are going to talk about what are for us the best cards for traveling.

Because… why are we going to carry a wad of bills with us if we can withdraw money for free and without commissions once we get to our destination? And for that we are going to need a prepaid card different from the ones we have with our bank. And not just any card will do, in this post we are going to talk about the best cards for traveling.

Although we have published very detailed information on each of the cards to travel without commissions and withdraw money for free that we are going to recommend, we will make a summary of what are our favorite cards to travel and why they are, so that in your next trips you can forget as much as possible about this issue.

Best travel cards 2022

Don’t forget something important: How to carry money when traveling? The most comfortable is to carry credit card but beware! banks charge us high commissions for using them outside the euro zone…so I propose you some alternatives of debit cards that apply us the best exchange rates in the market. Essential for any traveler, but especially if you are planning a trip outside the euro zone, these are a must:

Revolut Free Forever Save on commissions!If you want to save on commissions when traveling do not hesitate to get the Revolut card. With it we can pay in several currencies easily and with commission-free exchange rates. In addition, we earn money by using it with their cashback on purchases.

Where do I book my hotels? When I travel I usually compare several sites but I always choose Booking for several reasons… They have the widest range of hotels, I usually find the best prices and I also have other advantages such as free cancellation or the 10% “Genius” discount. On top of that they match the price if you see it cheaper on another website.

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