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The agents know these destinations to perfection, they have personally traveled there to give you first hand advice. Do not think twice and you will have a tailor-made trip, with all the services you want and that will also be romantic and full of adventures.

Auzeland Viajes is recommended by 100% of the couples who have already enjoyed their services. Its overall rating is 4.9 out of 5, which is broken down as follows: 5 in flexibility, 5 in response time, 4.9 in quality of service, 4.9 in professionalism and 4.8 in value for money.

Tour of new zealand and australia

Australia and New Zealand Tours 2022y Tours, Dare to undertake the greatest adventure of your life in a fascinating journey through the most spectacular places in Australia and New Zealand, two real gems when talking about wonderful destinations in the world.

Landscapes that leave the most demanding travelers astonished, multicultural cities, enclaves full of adventure possibilities and a relaxed lifestyle make these countries great destinations for your next vacation.

A tour of Australia and New Zealand is, in fact, essential for anyone who claims to be an adventurer. No travel lover should leave off their must-visit list both nations, whose surplus gifts of nature make you fall in love at first sight.

We have incredible tour packages for Australia and New Zealand, showing you the most representative of its cities and regions, from the great Sydney, the “city of a hundred beaches”, to the intrepid Auckland and its island designated as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world.

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most cosmopolitan cities in the world.3 Travel Deals FoundRed Centre Experience from Alice Springs 3 days Explore the remote outback of Central Australia on a journey, staring at towering mesas and sleeping under the stars. Climb, hike and explore the diverse natural wonders scattered throughout the…

Red Centre Experience from Alice Springs3 days Explore the remote outback of Central Australia on a journey, staring at towering mesas and sleeping under the stars. Climb, hike and explore the diverse natural wonders scattered throughout…from 360.74 €Australia Boomerang 9 days A new day tour of Australia visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns.

Australia Boomerang 9 days A new tour of Australia visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns.desde 2369.35 €Australia Essential II 10 days An extraordinary journey through Australia. The beauty and modernity of its cities, the spectacular nature. You can’t miss it!

Going to New Zealand or Australia is not easy. And much less if we combine the huge time difference and language with the organization of the honeymoon and wedding at the same time. It is best to leave it in the hands of professionals.

Itinerary australia and new zealand 20 days

We are part of both, we have lived amazing experiences, we have grown, enjoyed, laughed, cried and traveled in both New Zealand and Australia. Believe us when we tell you, we understand your doubts better than anyone else.

Many of our students have already achieved residency in New Zealand. Compared to Australia, in this country it is easier to get the residency after studying a course.

In the South Island of New Zealand, you will find a climate that is cold in winter and mild/spring-like in summer. In these southern places, winters are cold, easily reaching single digit temperatures. In summer the climate is very pleasant, with temperatures around 25ºC.

Canada depends a lot on the area where you live. Although it is generally very cold, there are some cities, such as Vancouver, where you can enjoy the summer and the beach – there is a place for everyone!

ClimateThere is a big difference between North and South Island. In some areas the cold is mild in winter. Tropical in the north, Mediterranean in the southCold all winter (variable between cities). Mild summers in general.

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