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This is a direct consequence of the previous one. Being summer, the offer of tourism and hospitality increases and this can help you a lot as a student. It is an ideal time for you to find a job that will allow you to stay in the country more easily. Remember that with your student visa you will be able to work part-time while you are studying and full-time during your vacations.

Many of our schools’ exclusive promotions end in December, so it is the ideal time to take advantage of these special prices and save on your course. If you would like us to send you some quotes so you can start reviewing them (no obligation) contact us and tell us your plans.

Many schools will allow you to have vacations during the Christmas holidays, so you can take advantage and work full time thanks to your student visa, it never hurts to have some extra income!

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The best time to travel to Australia is the austral winter, from March to November. However, this is only true in cities like Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef or Mount Uluru, being more advisable other times for places like Melbourne or Tasmania.

What I mean is that if you wonder if winter is the best time to travel to Australia, although the most common answer will be no, it depends. Because, although we spend some more cold in Sydney there are better temperatures to see Ayers Rock and it is the dry season in Cairns.

Many people recommend visiting the city from September to May, avoiding the summer, to have more pleasant temperatures for walking. If we want to do cultural tourism, it is the best option since the minimum temperatures in these months are around 10 degrees and the maximum is 17-20 degrees.

November is usually a highly recommended month as it is one of the cheapest times to go to the country but corresponds with the flowering of the jacarandas, typical flowers of Australia that I love.

Best time to visit Australia

Well, this is one of the first points to consider! What is your idea? Arrive and start working? Or, take a short vacation and work a few months later? Making this first distinction can help you make the decision about when to go to Australia!

Many of the kids who traveled with their Working Holiday have left their comments regarding what they think is the best time to travel to Australia. We have compiled many of those opinions and reflected them in this section. We hope it can be useful for you as a reference!

Returning to Sydney, we also know that the holiday season is a time of many job offers, because the city is full of tourism and therefore in the hospitality industry mainly, many job opportunities open up! The ideal in this case, would be to arrive more or less in November so you can get a job in time.

Anyway, as in Sydney, many people go to the north because they do not like the cold (and because it is high season there), therefore, although it is not the time of more job offers, obviously they can get something. Of course, they have to be willing to endure the cold and the rains of those months in Melbourne, where the weather gets a little crazy!

When it’s summer in Australia

Australia is a giant country full of great contrasts: both in terms of climate and nature. That is why it is important to know that Australia’s climate is not always hot everywhere and that in winter you may need shelter in cities like Melbourne.

Australia’s climate zones In Australia there are no less than 6 climate zones. Do you remember geography at school? Well, Australia will be a good place to see if you really attended the class? To keep it simple, the most important thing to know is that there are two main regions.

Hot summers and very mild winters. In this region we have Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast, that is to say all the East Coast. In addition, there is also the area of Perth, which despite being in the southwest, also has a temperate climate.

In Melbourne the minimum temperatures fall more in winter, around 6°C and the maximum temperatures around 15°C, so although they are not extreme, it is cool, and it has even snowed some times. In summer the minimum can be around 15°C and the maximum around 25°C.

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