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Australia is a huge country with millions of interesting things to see: culture, natural parks, modern cities or charming villages. So, if you are thinking of traveling to Australia or you are already here, you will be in a mess, because what are the places to visit in Australia? What can’t you miss before your visa expires?

Also known as Uluru, Ayers Rock is a rock formation located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is a sacred place for the Australian Aborigines who call it “the navel of the world”.

If you like Jamiroquai you may have already seen the Ayers Rock in his video clip of “Sltillness in Time”. To visit it you will have to travel 450 km from the nearest town, Alice Springs. Would you like to stay overnight there? Well, take a look.

Once you are there you can make different tours. Most of them go around Uluru. You may be tempted to climb it, but be careful, it is very frowned upon by the locals, remember! it is a sacred place, so do not climb it, you can still hallucinate looking at it from below and touring around.

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Since just a few days ago, from February 21, all foreign citizens who have the complete vaccination schedule and have been granted any type of visa, will be able to travel freely to Australia. You can check the approved vaccinations and the type of documentation to be submitted on them at this link of the Australian Passport Office.

Incoming Passenger Card (IPC) to enter AustraliaBefore you leave for your trip, prepare your transfer by taking a look at our article with all the ways to get from Sydney Airport to the city center.

That example has caused the authorities to be very strict about what you can and cannot bring into Australia, although it is rare that it will affect you personally. However, it happened to me twice and with two different things. The first time, when I was carrying part of a ham sandwich that they gave me on the plane and that went to the trash when I arrived. The second time, I had the soles of my hiking boots thoroughly checked on my return from New Zealand to make sure there were no seeds in them.

Sightseeing places in Australia with their names

The star activities are snorkeling, which we did at Cape Tribulation, one of the most remote accessible places in Australia, and the (amazing!) scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef from the Whitsunday Islands. Neither is particularly cheap… but both are beastly and, besides, who’s to say it won’t be once in a lifetime?

Whether you go snorkeling or flying or both, there are several things to consider: in which area is best for you, if the date fits with the best season, tips for your visit to have the least possible impact… As we want your experience to be as wonderful as ours, we recommend you to read this post with all the info about snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and this one about the scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef. In both there are recommendations and direct links to, if you want, make your reservation.

Australian cities are modern, comfortable and cosmopolitan, as well as not excessively crowded, because here nothing else, but there is plenty of space! In addition, they are usually very close or have full access to nature (either to the countryside, forests, ocean …) so they are an ideal mix.

The most beautiful places in Australia

The places of interest in Australia are many and each one has its particular charm. In the capital of Victoria and the second largest city of this country we find art, culture, cuisine and landscapes Do you already know what we are talking about? If you don’t know, it’s time to get to know Melbourne and its bohemian charm, where you can find incredible contrasts that you will love.

In this state you can find incredible national parks like Wilsons Promontory National Park or Grampians National Park, places full of nature and fresh air. If you go a little further you can visit the Great Ocean Road, an incredible route that you will love to travel.

A world of new flavors to discover: the Queen Victoria Market is a market that has been in operation since 1878, making it one of the oldest in the city, an iconic and characteristic place in Australia. There you can find different types of food typical of the country, from the most exotic to the most traditional, you can even find very interesting dishes from other cultures that will surely catch your attention.

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