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Accommodation is in a similar range to what we could find in Europe, both in price and conditions, although it is true that we find a proportion of quality hostels with more than decent kitchens much higher than what we find in Europe, at least in my experience. This allows us to cook on a regular basis, which means savings.

It is difficult to find something cheaper than this, especially in big cities, although it is true that it is quite common to book by the week, which gives us a discount that allows us to lower the price to about 100-120 dollars a week. In the same type of hostel, a room for less people (between 4 and 6) is already around 30 dollars.

Hotels tend to have prices similar to those of large European cities. A double room in cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth prices are between 120 and 140 euros for the most basic ones.

The option of roadside motels is obviously cheaper than in a conventional hotel but much more expensive than hostels. It will be difficult to find something under 70-80 AUD for a double room with the basics.

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The high salaries charged in Australia justify in a way the prices of the country. Although there will be things that will still seem as expensive as they were at the beginning, like alcohol for example, there are many other things that you will only be able to afford living and working in Australia.

A very interesting fact! Although they do not ask for it as a requirement when applying for your visa, it can serve as a reference when planning your trip and deciding how much money you want to take with you.

What is clear is that traveling knowing that we have a cushion saves us a lot of headaches and gives us security. Coming to Australia without savings is pretty foolish, but that doesn’t mean it has to go wrong.

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How much money do I need to travel to Australia

Basic monthly expenses (housing, food, transportation, clothing and footwear, education and recreation) may vary from one region of the country to another. In general, the cost of living in major Australian cities (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) is usually more expensive than in the rest of the country.

It is worth bearing in mind that the minimum wage in Australia is currently AU$ 16 per hour, about AU$ 640 per week. In general, employees in the national system should not be paid less than this.

Although the Australian government does not require immigrants to have a certain amount of money for settlement, the recommendation is that the newcomer should have sufficient funds to keep him or herself out of work for a few months while seeking employment.

Generally, it is advisable to bring savings to cover the cost of settlement and the first 3 months of living in Australia. This is about AU$ 12,000 for a single person and about AU$ 20,000 for a family of four.

The following are some reference prices of everyday consumer items (calculated in Australian dollars) that can be used to estimate the monthly cost of living in Australia:

How to travel cheap to australia

Keep in mind that once you get a job, all expenses become more bearable. Even though many people say that Australia is expensive, when you work there you will see that the money will be enough to save good money and then travel a lot!

Hi how are you, I wanted to ask you if you know that they are asking people from Uruguay to work and live there, because we are a family of 3 members, and here in Uruguay we do not have a permanent job and we live on borrowed money and we are interested, do you have information about that?

I would like to go to study and work but to go with my husband and children and we are over the age required for working holiday I have 32 and my husband 35 but we have professions I would like to know if we can choose to go to work with the careers that have more demands there but I can go with my children.

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