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If you are in the process of planning your trip to Australia, but have no idea where to start, you have come to the perfect article. Here I talk you through the most important points to help you plan the perfect trip to the land of the kangaroos. From how to get cheap flights to what you should see in the country.

Andrea loves Australia madly and wants to help Spanish speakers to move to Australia, that’s why she created her blog about Sydney (More info in section 7 – Sydney). Let’s get started! After this article you will have everything you need to plan a perfect trip.

But before deciding on travel dates, it is very important that you take into account that the seasons in Australia are practically the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. When it is summer in Europe and part of the American continent, it is winter in Australia.

If you are like me and are looking to travel in a season where the weather is comfortable and the tourist attractions are not so crowded, spring is an excellent time to travel. Spring is a great time to travel, because prices for accommodation, flights and some attractions are usually lower than in summer.

Requirements for travel from spain to australia

There are many reasons to emigrate to Australia. Those of us who have already come to this incredible country know them first hand. But today we are not going to talk about the wonders of this country and its people to convince you to come.

Landing during the winter in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane is a luxury: there are fewer tourists, fewer Spanish speakers and many job offers. Besides, when summer arrives you will be ready to enjoy your vacations.

Start the procedures four months before the date you want to travel to Australia. This way you will prepare your trip without stress and you will be able to get your plane tickets cheaper. As you can see, when migrating to Australia you must take into account many different aspects.

To work in Australia it is important that you have a 100% Australian resume. If you write it before going to Australia and print a few copies, you will be able to start distributing it from the first day and you will have more chances to find a job faster.

Suggestions for travel to Australia

On my first trip to Australia, I came on a student visa, and on my second trip, I came on a tourist visa. In both cases, an important part of applying for the visa was to prove that I had the funds in my bank account to finance my activities. I know of some cases where this was the determining factor in the denial of the visa!

If you buy tickets in advance, both on the cheap airlines and the others, you can get good prices. At Jetstar in particular, keep an eye out for the “Friday Fare Frenzy”, which are special promotions that go out on Fridays.

Although you will find rooms or entire apartments for rent on AirBNB, plus the typical hostels and hotels, there are other options to consider. To rent an entire house for a short period, there is a local AirBNB-like version called Stayz.

There are some truly deadly animals in Australia, and it’s your duty to find out about them to keep yourself safe. If you visit the country between October and March, you’ll need to be very careful of snakes. In October, when the warmth of spring begins, snakes come out of hibernation and look for food. In general, they do not attack humans, unless they attack them first, but you should still be careful in parks, forests and rural areas. Other animals to watch out for are crocodiles in Darwin: just avoid getting into the sea and rivers in the area.

Travel Itinerary to Australia

As of February 21st, all foreign citizens who have the complete vaccination schedule and have been granted any type of visa, can travel freely to Australia. You can consult the approved vaccinations and the type of documentation to be submitted on them at this link of the Australian Passport Office.

Incoming Passenger Card (IPC) to enter AustraliaBefore you leave for your trip, prepare your transfer by taking a look at our article with all the ways to get from Sydney Airport to the city center.

That example has caused the authorities to be very strict about what you can and cannot bring into Australia, although it is rare that it will affect you personally. However, it happened to me twice and with two different things. The first time, when I was carrying part of a ham sandwich that they gave me on the plane and that went to the trash when I arrived. The second time, I had the soles of my hiking boots thoroughly checked on my return from New Zealand to make sure there were no seeds in them.

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