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What to see in Australia | 10 Must-See Places


Few winters can compare to that of the southern continent, Australia. In the north, the temperature reaches over 35 degrees, while in the south, it rarely goes below freezing. Check out these stunning photos depicting Australia’s heavenly winter months, captured by Ryan Mazure.

Taken from a drone, these stunning aerial images show Iceland’s stark landscapes as you’ve never seen them before. These are some of the best photos of Iceland by Gábor Nagy.

Today we bring you 7 very original amazing cities that maybe you didn’t know, some on Volcanoes, some underground, our world is full of wonderful places, that’s why walking around and knowing the world is the best way to learn and grow.

We have a complete list of stunning places of natural beauty, most of which are off the beaten tourist track We are sure you will enjoy reading about and seeing breathtaking images.

TOP 10 Australia ⭐️ What to See and Do in Australia.

If you want to whet your appetite before coming to Australia, know the best places to visit and learn a little bit about the aussie life, don’t miss these Instagram accounts, you will be inspired and love them.Shall we go?

This is the official account for tourism in Australia. You will find photos from all regions, some of them really good. Also, the information in each post, although summarized, is very interesting, and first hand!

The official account of the Queensland state government. Are you going to be in this area? Then you will be very interested! Great photos, tourist tips and a community manager who doesn’t miss a thing.

We get into the official accounts of Australia, why not? In our account you will find a lot of useful info about Australia, great photos and information about the events we organize or in which we participate. If you are coming to Australia, follow us! We want to tell you a little something.

If in the world of Instagram there were Oscar awards this instagramer would have a few statuettes. With almost half a million followers, she has great photos, comments on her day to day life and provides a lot of info about Western Australia.


We want to start this travel guide by showing you the map of Australia so you can easily locate where are the places you want to visit and you can organize your route around Australia more easily.

Although some of the main cities of the country are indispensable in any trip around Australia, it is important to keep in mind that Down Under (term with which Australia is known) is primarily a country of landscapes and nature.

In Australia there are many other national parks that are spectacular, if you have the opportunity to spend some time in Australia we recommend that you dedicate some breaks to see the nature of the country and discover the breathtaking landscapes of Australia because they have no waste.

West Coast of AustraliaThe west coast of Australia is much wilder, is less populated and has a little more complicated logistics to organize a trip, which makes it much more interesting.

This is our selection of places to go in Australia, we have listed some of the tourist areas of Australia and other places to visit in Australia less known but also spectacular.

Travel photography: Australian landscapes – Andel Paulmann.

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