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Tourists will no longer have to present Covid proof to travel


In this new phase of openness, the Australian health authorities are considering the opinions of airlines such as Qantas and Virgin Australia, the main operators of international traffic to and from Australia. For Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Group, the new regulations are in line with what the world is implementing. From his perspective, the changes Australia is making will allow the airline industry to become competitive again.

In addition to the limited impact of the policies in place, the changes to entry requirements also respond to the indirect pressure Australia is receiving as other countries in Asia and Oceania remove or relax sanitary measures. For example, New Zealand is bringing forward the opening of its borders to April 13, as are other Southeast Asian countries.

As in other markets, the removal of restrictions will have a positive impact on the recovery of international demand from Australia and Oceania. Airlines such as Qantas and Qatar Airways, to name a few, are placing wide-body aircraft including the Airbus A380 in response to demand and operational needs.

EU PASSPORT: I will be able to travel if I am vaccinated, I have PCR

So it’s time to pack your bags, start saying goodbye to your family and friends to start your international project in Australia. And if the uncertainty made you think about postponing the formalities and your trip, leave those ideas behind: this is the time for you to start your process with confidence!

In order for you to have everything clearer and to reactivate your international academic project with confidence, we have prepared an abc of everything you need to know about Australia’s open borders for international students.

All international students who are eligible visa holders and are fully vaccinated (if your vaccination requires two doses, you must have both). Similarly, humanitarian workers, skilled workers, temporary family visa holders and working holiday visa holders will be able to enter the country.

Although the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, had announced that as of December 1, 2021, all student visa holders who are fully vaccinated would be able to travel to Australia without the need to apply for a travel exemption, this decision had to be postponed until December 15, 2021.

PCR test is mandatory for travel to and from Colombia.

Travelers must comply with the requirements of each state or territory upon arrival (quarantines). Restrictions may change at short notice. For example, New South Wales, Victoria and ACT have a 72-hour self-isolation/quarantine requirement for international arrivals with the full vaccination schedule.  Quarantine requirements in Australia are determined by state and territory governments.

In VISADOS EMPRESAS we are at your disposal to help you organize your trip and prepare all the necessary documentation for you to enter the country. Access the following link to learn about the different types of visas for Australia.

Passengers traveling internationally must present a

In addition, many cities have curfews or restrictions on access to certain monuments for security reasons. Some countries do not allow entry to restaurants and entertainment venues unless an official vaccination certificate or negative PCR test is presented via QR code. Please consult for more details.

We recommend that you take out health insurance for the entire duration of your stay. Please note that in some countries, it is mandatory for entry into the destination.

The list of countries or areas at risk, as well as the criteria for inclusion in it, is published on the website of the Ministry of Health and on the SpTH website. As a general rule, the lists will be reviewed every seven days.

VERY IMPORTANT: all diagnostic tests for travel abroad must be at least in English, and show: name and surname of the holder, date of sample collection, type of test performed, authorized health center performing the test, negative test result and issuing country.

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