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The most dynamic and cosmopolitan city of the island is Sydney, economic and social center more important than the official capital, Canberra. The city itself is a good place to practice water sports such as canoeing, yachting, kayaking or take a sunset stroll along the harbor. The first surfers as soon as you set foot in Australia, you will see them at Bondi Beach, one of the most famous recreational areas of the city. If you prefer fresh water, sail in a rowboat on the Kangaroo River or take a dip in its clean waters.

In the center of the huge country is Ayers Rock or Uluru, a sacred place of fundamental visit. The aborigines recommend tourists not to climb it out of respect for their culture, which is difficult because the view and the rock are spectacular, and it is adapted for easy climbing. You can always admire its majesty and reddish color from below, especially at sunset.

The Australian Aboriginal tradition, tries to subsist in their legends like those of the western warlpiris, who believe that the souls are sheltered in the trees and wait for a suitable woman to pass by to jump to her and be born.

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Enjoy the best tours in Australia and New Zealand, visiting cities such as Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, Auckland, Rotorua, Wanaka, with the experience and quality of the best operators in the region.

Includes: tour of Sydney, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Cairns, excursions with English-speaking guide and daily accommodation with breakfast. Not included: taxes and administration and vat 8%. Consult airfare.

Includes: Airfare. Transfers. Transfers. Breakfast. Sydney: 3 nights. Excs: city tour & bay cruise w/loop, Blue Mountain & Featherdale Wildlife Park w/loop. Cairns: 3 nights. Excs Great Barrier Reef & Wooroonooran National Park w/loop. Melbourne: 3 nights Excs: city tour, Great OceanRoad w/loop. Auckland: 2 nights, city tour, Rotorua: 1 night w/compl. p&p, traditional Maori show, excs: Waitomo, city tour, Waimangu Thermal Reserve & Whakarewarewa. Christchurch / Lake Tekapo: 1 night w/visit typical farms. Wanaka: 1 night excs Mt. Cook. Queenstown: 3 nights, excs: city tour, Arrowtown, Bungy Bridge & full day at Milford Sound w/walk.

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It is impossible to see all of Australia in one trip, but it is possible to draw a picture of what you would most like to see in this great country. Vibrant cities, exotic wildlife, underwater gems and an ancient culture. If you want to travel to Australia, explore our exclusive discounts on luxury hotels in Australia and plan the perfect vacation.

Although Canberra is the capital city, in the eyes of the world Sydney has taken away that title. Sydney is the oldest city in the country and at the same time offers one of its most modern faces, with its fun beaches, its impressive skyscrapers and the Opera House, an Australian architectural symbol in the world. If this is your ideal destination, don’t forget to browse our Australia travel deals to find your ideal experience.

In Melbourne, modernity has a different style, it is more sybaritic and eclectic. Lose yourself in the narrow streets of its urban center is to find Victorian architecture and exclusive boutiques, recreate in bohemian neighborhoods and local markets. If both cities appeal to you, and you’re even thinking of another stopover, consider Australia travel packages, which will give you a more complete view of the country. Take a look at our Australia travel deals and decide.

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