Australia international travel ban

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From the first Sunday in October to the first Sunday in April, daylight saving time is adopted (the clock is set back one hour) in the states of New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), South Australia (Adelaide), Tasmania (Hobart) and the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra).

It is a live attenuated virus vaccine that generates protection against the four serotypes of the disease (DENV-1 to DENV-4). The recommendation and application for travelers depends on the risk factors associated with the individual and itinerary, since it must be demonstrated that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of adverse effects according to the medical history elaborated during the consultation by certified physicians.

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The Australian government banned cruise ships in March 2020 after the Ruby Princess, which docked that month in Sydney, became the first major source of community infections in Australia after disembarking some 2,700 passengers.

Health authorities linked some 900 infections and 28 deaths to that vessel, which came from the United States and was associated with ten percent of all infections in the country in early April 2020.

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Most Australians have had to defend exceptional exceptions to the travel ban to leave the country. There are some exceptions to the ban, including government employees and essential workers. Tourism is never accepted as a reason to cross the border.

New South Wales would likely become the first state to reach the 80% vaccination benchmark and Sydney airport the first to open to international travel, Morrison said.

“We have saved lives. We have saved livelihoods, but we must work together to ensure that Australians can regain the lives they once had in this country,” Morrison said.

Australia has its relationship with New Zealand, whose citizens are considered Australian permanent residents. The neighbors allowed quarantine-free travel across the Tasman Sea before the delta variant outbreak began in Sydney in June.


A few days before taking the plane you start to pack your suitcase and you start to wonder what you can and can’t take with you. In this article we solve the most typical doubts of many of you. Can I take some ham? What about tobacco? What about medicines?

One of the first questions you ask us is whether it is necessary to print the visa or the COE and carry it with you to enter Australia. The answer is NO, it is not necessary to print them.  The Immigration officers have all your details and only need your passport to check them.

For prescription-only medicines you must bring no more than a three-month supply for personal use and carry a certificate or prescription from your doctor, in English, as proof that you were prescribed the medicine to treat a medical condition. You may be asked for the prescription during the control.

Medications that must be declared are: human growth hormones, steroids or androgenic drugs such as testosterone or DHEA, opioid analgesics, marijuana and narcotic-based medications. In this case you must submit an application to the Department of Health if you wish to bring them into Australia.

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