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The first thing you should be clear about is that the Australian government allows all international students to attach partner and children to the study visa. In addition, it supports family reunification.

In the same vein, we will explain step by step from the requirements to study and work in the country with family, to how to apply for family reunification so you can stay with them.

An example of these can be: Travel itineraries, joint bank statements, utility bills in the couple’s name, rental agreement naming both of you, photographs together, etc.

There are nationalities who are rarely asked by the Immigration Department to show proof of money or funds. Therefore, we recommend that you consult with one of our immigration advisors about the status of your country.

Tell us about yourself! We assist you in person, by phone or video calls from anywhere in the world at no cost, we help you with all the management of enrollment and acceptance of the institution, scholarship, documents, GTE, health insurance and visa, we do not receive cash or transfers, I want an advice!


Once you have received your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to study with an Australian education provider and confirmation of your student visa, the next step is to start planning your arrival in Australia. Use the pre-flight checklist below to make sure you are ready!

All passengers arriving by air to Australia must complete the Digital Passenger Declaration. You can start a DPD seven days before your flight to Australia, but you must submit it before your departure.

The DPD contains declarations that are considered critical health information. You must be able to provide evidence that you made this declaration before boarding the plane. If you fail to comply with the requirement, you may be subject to a financial penalty (currently $6,660 AUD). If you do not make the declaration before boarding your flight, your arrival in Australia may be delayed.

In addition to your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), you should also consider travel insurance, which covers things like cancelled flights and some medical costs. Speak to your education or travel agent for more information and advice on the best travel insurance policy for you.

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We’re not going to convince you that Australia is the best country in the world for an unforgettable experience. But here are the reasons why we decided to take the leap to the other side of the world:

Quality of life: Australia is expensive and that is something we will not deny. But what we also cannot deny is that salaries in Australia are also very high. This makes it one of the countries with the highest quality of life in the world, even for international students like us. With what you earn here you will be able to live, travel and even save, without luxuries but without pain!

Nature: This country has landscapes that will leave you speechless: The Great Barrier Reef, the red desert, incredible waterfalls, wild jungles, endless beaches …. You can also interact with animals in their natural habitat: koalas, kangaroos, dolphins, sharks, turtles, wombats? The list is endless!

Climate: Australia is one of the English-speaking countries with the best climate in the world, which is a great advantage. It depends a lot on the city where you live, but generally, in most of the country, it is very good weather in summer and not too cold in winter.


Once the news has sunk in, it’s time to get down to work, so we don’t want to keep you waiting. Here are all the requirements officially published by the government for international students who want to return to Sydney and NSW.

International students are extremely important to Australia and its economy, as the international education industry is one of the country’s major economic powerhouses and they are a large part of the workforce needed to fill jobs.

The Australia travel declaration is the one that lists your Australian contact details, flight details, quarantine requirements and your health status. This information assists the Australian Government in managing contact tracing and quarantine planning to ensure the health and safety of the Australian community.

The opening of borders will mean a massive influx of international students; if you want to have everything more organized after such a long trip, you can look at how to get to your apartment and leave it scheduled.

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