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You can travel to australia from chile 2022


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Requirements for travel to Australia 2022

State and federal governments in Australia have been making decisions every day and we must keep an eye on the news. Most importantly, institutions are continuing their operations. Most are transitioning to online methodologies as the most critical time of the virus passes.    It is important that you keep a close eye on your email so that you are aware of the instructions sent to you by your institution. Also, that you continue as a student, logging into the online platforms, taking your classes and responding to your obligations.

It is very important to remember that your international student status has not changed, therefore, you must continue to comply with your visa. It is important that you follow the instructions given to you by the institution regarding attendance, academic progress and payments.

If you are feeling sick or have had contact with someone who is known or suspected to have Coronavirus and are awaiting results or testing, DO NOT GO TO THE INSTITUTION OR GO TO CONCURRENT PLACES until you have tested negative or have had 14 days of quarantine.

Requirements to travel to australia from colombia 2022

One of the questions we receive the most from our applicants when they want to start their process with Nomads is: Which is the English-speaking country where I can find a favorable climate or similar to the environment we have in our Latin American countries?

Our answer always goes to the continent of Oceania. Both Australia and New Zealand are countries that, although they have the 4 seasons, their average climate is similar to many of our Latin American countries.

We also get asked a lot about how good and viable the education is in these countries. Our question is clear and short: these two countries are among the best places to study. And most of the time we choose to recommend Australia as the best destination if you want to study. In this blog we will tell you why.

If you want to be in the middle of an advanced and modern country like Australia, this blog is your first step. This is a spectacular country, with very high quality standards and among all its great advantages of life, education is perhaps the most relevant.

How to travel to australia

Getting a tourist visa for Australia is the first step that anyone has to take if they want to travel Down Under. So much so, that having it is mandatory: there is no way to enter the country without having a visa.

Yes, we know, the word “visa” is quite lazy and many people may be put off by it… Don’t worry! We promise you that it is a very simple and fast process, and you do not need to do heavy paperwork or pay significant amounts of money as in other countries.

In this post we are going to tell you what types of tourist visas for Australia there are, the step-by-step process, everything you need to present, how much it costs… and how is the arrival, we know that usually makes you nervous. Ready?

IMPORTANT: Viajar y Otras Pasiones is not an agency, nor does it have direct contact with the Australian immigration department, and much less are we dedicated to that. We only share our experience (as citizens of the European Union) and basic information so that you can prepare your trip as a tourist. If you need other information, it is best to contact the Australian Government or the embassy of your country.

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