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Just the very name of Australia causes, to those who do not know this country, an immediate torrent of potential evocations and expectations. But the capacity of enthusiasm that every visitor carries in him can be diminished when, upon arriving in this place, he finds that part of his expected fascination falls by the wayside.

Of course, Australia has attractions, every country has them and, in short, a trip is always a trip. But in this case, the balance of trade-offs is hardly balanced – if not tipped to the adverse side – if we place the pros and cons, what is demanded and what is received, on either side of the plate.

When the User has to interrupt his/her trip due to death of the insured or family member, illness or medical condition, scheduled organ transplant of the insured, traffic accident, uninhabitable home of the insured, recession or dismissal of the insured.

In the event that the Insured is unable to travel on his/her own due to an accident or illness, he/she will be transported to a health center near his/her location for emergency medical care by ground transportation (ambulance or cab).

Chapka travel insurance

Whether you are on vacation and enjoying a well-deserved trip or you are an expatriate moving abroad long-term for work or personal reasons, you need to be prepared for what care you will receive in case you need medical attention.    In this article we explain a number of important differences between travel insurance and international health insurance, and recommend some considerations to take into account before traveling abroad.

The difference between travel insurance and international health insurance is a source of confusion for many. Although both are aimed at people who will be spending time abroad, the level of coverage and purpose of each plan is significantly different. Not understanding this difference can leave you in a difficult situation when abroad.

In terms of medical coverage, the purpose of travel insurance is to provide coverage for short-term emergency medical treatment in your specific geographic area of coverage.    Its purpose is to get you well enough to return home.

Cap trip plus

Are you planning a trip to Australia? One of the essential steps in the preparation of your trip will be to take out travel insurance for Australia.  We know, most probably you won’t have to use it, but don’t consider traveling without your travel insurance! We ourselves have had to use it on several occasions.

With this article we don’t want to scare you, we just want you to be informed about everything that can happen in Australia. We spent 35 days touring this country and absolutely nothing happened to us, but there are some things that we were not aware of until we were there.  We also recommend you to visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and read their recommendations.

The health care system in Australia is very good, the problem is that it is very expensive for foreigners. In addition, sometimes private medical care requires payment before any visit or treatment. This is one of the main reasons why you should take out travel insurance to Australia, as any kind of medical assistance could cost you a lot of money. We recommend that your insurance has good health coverage and also includes repatriation.

Iati insurance

Hiring a good travel insurance for Australia is one of the first things we recommend you to do if you are preparing your trip Down Under. And any unforeseen event can ruin (figuratively and literally) the experience…

However, we have already been on that boat and we know that it is not an easy choice… That is why, in this post we want to tell you why you should travel to the Antipodes with insurance, what coverage you should have, how much a travel insurance for Australia costs and how to get yours online step by step and in a jiffy.

Contrary to what happens in other countries, such as Cuba, Iran or Russia, it is not compulsory to be insured if you come as a tourist or with a Work and Holiday Visa (they will require it if you have a student visa or any other temporary residence visa). They will not ask for it when you apply for your visa, nor at customs, so don’t worry. Even so, traveling without insurance is an imprudence that can cost you a lot of money…

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