Why Limassol is a great destination for family holidays

Why Limassol is a great destination for family holidays

Why Limassol is a great destination for family holidays, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
What’s Here?
Plenty to entertain kids
Great beaches
Castles and more
Luxurious hotels

Planning the perfect family getaway can be tricky – after all, you need to find somewhere that’ll please everyone. Among your options are Holidays to Cyprus, which have lots of attractions for kids from toddlers right through to teenagers, with the added bonus that there’s plenty for adults, too.
Nestled on the south coast of the island, Limassol is its second-largest city and its biggest seaside resort – another factor that makes it ideal for family holidays.
Of course, both you and your kids are going to want more than just great beaches to entertain you – though these never go amiss! – so what exactly does Limassol have to offer?

Plenty to entertain kids
The key reason why this is a great place for family trips is simply that it has plenty to entertain younger visitors.
We all know that what fascinates us on holiday will generally send our children to sleep, so it’s important to find a destination that offers attractions to capture their imagination.
Fortunately, Limassol is home to no less than three water parks that fit the bill perfectly. Situated a few hundred metres away from the beach, Wet ‘n’ Wild is a particularly great place for children to burn off energy.
From water slides to rapids, its various attractions are bound to keep your kids happy for hours. Plus, if you’re worried how younger children will fare here, you’ll find there are gentler pools created especially for them.
Another option is family cruises. You can hop on to one of these directly from Limassol, and they’ll take you on a scenic trip, often including activities such as snorkelling, other water sports and competitions along the way.
Your children might be particularly keen to go on a pirate-themed cruise, but you’ll find there are plenty of others available if you don’t fancy a swashbuckling adventure.

Great beaches
Of course, if you’re booking Cypriot holidays, you’re bound to be after spending some time on the sand.
Lapped by the Mediterranean Sea, Limassol really delivers on this front – but be warned that beaches on the south coast can get particularly crowded at times.
If you fancy doing something a little different, why not pack a picnic and take a family walk along the shore before tucking in?

Castles and more
Now, there’s no better way to get youngsters excited about history than with a trip to a castle. While they might not be as fascinated by the location’s past as you are, who can resist the romantic appearance of old-style fortresses?
Take your kids to the Limassol Medieval Castle and they’re bound to love exploring its interior, while the pretty grounds will prove a great place to play. You, meanwhile, may be keen on visiting the onsite museum, which is home to plenty of interesting artefacts.
Limassol also boasts a charming old town, which is a lovely place to stroll through. With plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes, there’s a lot for little ones to look at, while you can soak up the atmosphere.

Luxurious hotels
The icing on the cake is the sheer number of luxurious hotels you can choose from here.
Style and comfort really is the word of the day with local tourist accommodation, so you can look forward to being pampered.
Plus, there are also some great spas if you have any free time for a treatment – always a great way to unwind!
If you’re after a hotel that combines accommodation and spa, check out the Amathus Beach Hotel. In fact, this is considered one of the world’s top spas – and it’s got a gorgeous setting to boot.
However, if you don’t feel the need for an onsite spa, have a look at the Mediterranean Beach Hotel for a combination of great views and equally good facilities, or the Four Seasons Hotel, which has its own stretch of beach.

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