The magical magic of Corfu!

The magical magic of Corfu!

The amazing island of Corfu or Kerkrya as it is known locally, is just one of Greece’s many hidden treasures, in the form of a beautiful, isolated, peaceful get-away, that Greece has an abundance of.

Corfu is one of the bigger Greek islands encircling the mainland and it is renowned for its immense natural beauty from its mountainous peaks of Mount Pantokrator and Pandokratoras, to its long sketches of golden sandy beaches. Corfu is also famous for its orange and lemon groves that fill the islands with a bountiful citrus scent all year round. The groves span over half the island and also feature prickly pears seasonally and Kumquats, which are from the orange family but much smaller in size and more bitter to the taste.

What you will also notice is the magnificent Corfu architecture that will surround you at every point whilst visiting this amazing island. The town hall of Corfu in the cities market square, is an absolutely stunning example of Venetian architecture, and is a wonder to behold. The Liston is also a famous example of French architecture that was built in the 1890’s as a replica of the ‘Rue de Rivoli’. It is a series of elegant columns and beautifully crafted arches, and today is home to a collection of high class cafes and restaurants. These are just 2 examples of the vast array that Corfu has to offer in architectural opulence, as it also has around 800 splendid monasteries and churches for you to marvel at to your heart’s content.

As well as architecture Corfu also offers some amazing astrological finds, in its endless starry night time skies. In the summer months the constellation Capricorn can be seen with the naked eye on a clear night, which spans the whole of the western hemisphere. Legend has it the constellation of Capricorn (meaning horned goat) was a mythical creature invented by the ancient civilization of the Babylonians who named it the ’Sea-goat’. The ’Sea-goat’ according to Greek myth, was attacked by the monster ‘typhoon’, where he promptly dived into the river Nile to escape. Upon surfacing the ‘Sea-goat’ noticed that his upper body, that was above the water remained goat but the rest of him that was submerged in the water, had transformed into a fish, hence the name ‘Sea goat’.

Corfu really does offer the entire package when looking for a great holiday, along with its extensive range of restaurants, bars, shops and luxury hotels in Corfu, there really is no excuse not to go!

Maria is a copy writer and keen traveller who loves the Mediterranean coast and is currently promoting Simpson Travel – the specialists in Mediterranean holidays.

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