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In the analysis, a notorious difference can be seen between those who take corporate trips and those who go on vacation. Only 13% of women take work-related trips, a figure that can be explained by the existing labor gap between women and men in the Chilean labor market.

There is also another group of women who prefer to share travel experiences with their loved ones and put together a good group to get to know new places. In this regard, the study revealed that 15% of women who travel do so in groups of only women and 55% do so in mixed groups.

“Looking only at the vacation market, the vast majority of them prefer only to buy flights, we are talking about 65% versus 15% who buy packages and the remaining 20% who opt for other options. If we go to corporate travel, these have similar figures, since the purchase of flights reaches 65% versus 25% who buy packages and the other 10% opt for other options,” said Posse.

Group travel 2022

But there are also more and more agencies that prepare organized trips for single people (and no, we are not talking about singles trips, trips for singles). In this case, you can simply travel alone but in an organized group.

Who they are: The agency was born, on the one hand, to respond to a market demand that had been forged in Europe as more and more women were traveling, and on the other hand because women have no visibility in the world. Thus, a travel agency was created that offers not only cultural visits but also meetings with inspirational women and changemakers from the countries visited.

For whom: Focus on Women’s trips are personalized handcrafted trips for a few people, aimed at culturally restless women who are very active travelers and who are looking for fun but also want to know the reality of the countries through their people, they want to be told in first person. They are also aimed at what we call feminine spirits who also want to know what is happening with women in other countries and how they are empowering themselves.

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In 2017, the Single Alliance was launched, to which eight agencies specialized in people traveling alone and to different destinations have joined. As Luis Pineda, from Solteros de Viaje and initiator of the Alliance, explains, “it is a union to coordinate the groups, and thus avoid confusion regarding the sale of trips and cruises since when in a trip offered by any of the agencies the Alianza Single seal appears it will mean that the trip is the same regardless of the website where you can see it and thus be able to process the reservation in the company of your choice”.

Contrary to what most people may think, the objective of these agencies is not to match clients. They are not a “marriage” agency. In general, their proposals are designed to satisfy any type of traveler. In them we can find from hiking getaways to remote corners, to adventures in Costa Rica or Tanzania, or tours in Egypt. What unites them all is that their groups are formed by single people who want to travel in groups.

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On paper it seems a bit tiring trip because of the travel and being in a hotel every night; but what seemed a disadvantage became an advantage because it allowed us to see places and landscapes that otherwise we would have missed.

Make a pre-reservation with a payment of 100€ so that you don’t run out of places. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or bank deposit as a deposit. You will receive a confirmation email and later we will send you another one with all the instructions.

Once the group is confirmed, we will contact you to make a firm reservation with the payment of 50% of the amount of the trip, by any of the above means of payment, if the minimum group is not reached, we will proceed to refund the pre-reservation paid in full, if you want to travel anyway, we can re-calculate the price for the group or we can also see the option of traveling in a mixed group.

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