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What to wear to Italy in September


If you have come this far is that your trip to Milan is imminent, so it’s time to pack and prepare our luggage. One of the best ways to pack our luggage without forgetting anything is through a list of things, and as we are introducing these objects and clothes go crossing them off the list. Here we are going to offer you a list type to make your luggage to travel to Milan comfortably and practically.

Whenever you travel by plane it is advisable to use hard suitcases, as they will better protect our luggage at the airport. But if you want to travel with a backpack to Milan we recommend that before boarding the plane you wrap it with plastic, as often the backpacks on the plane are easily damaged because they get stuck by zippers and strips of fabric and end up breaking.

What to wear to Italy in August

Packing your suitcase to go on vacation is often boring. Because, beyond the excitement of the trip, it becomes complicated to decide what to take or leave. What often ends up in that we forget our favorite clothes or something important. That’s why, before packing, we suggest you make a packing list for the beach.

If you are going to the beach you probably won’t need formal dresses. So, you should prioritize the clothes you need. Choose shorts, Bermuda shorts, light dresses, T-shirts, blouses and light clothing in general. The important thing is that the material used to make them is fresh like linen, cotton or microfiber so that you are protected from humidity and high temperatures.

On the other hand, you can include a waterproof watch if you need to wear this garment. For girls, accessories should be comfortable and avoid being of great value, as it is normal to lose earrings while at the beach. In this sense, you can complete your luggage with a watertight bag to carry your things when you are near the sea.

Women’s travel clothing

Cecina, the beach dayThe marina of Cecina is an excellent option when looking for a place to spend a day at the beach. It has a lot of infrastructure, you can pay and spend the day on “private beaches” where you have umbrella, extension chairs and small tables. Two important facts: after 2 pm there are no more lunches, only snacks in the restaurants and if you arrive after noon you pay a little less on the beach for the chairs.It was a divine day, the beach is beautiful, the water is clear and does not have a lot of waves. The first 10 meters have some rocks, but after you get over them the beach is pure soft sand, perfect beach day!

Clothing to go to italy

Pizza is a serious thing in Naples and they boast of being its inventors. To make them requires great skill, and the Neapolitans are true masters in this art. There are many types of pizzas but the authentic ones are: pizza marinara

Via Fontanelle leads to the impressive Fontanelle cemetery. It is an ancient quarry that housed – between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries – hundreds of human remains killed by the plague, earthquakes, diseases or simply anonymous or poor people who could not pay for their burial. In the past, some Neapolitans took the custom of adopting a skull to take care of it, wash it, pray for its soul, in order to ask them for help, that’s why some of the skulls are exposed in boxes, with candles, flowers… a bit macabre.

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is considered one of the best archaeological museums in the world. It is housed in a fantastic palace dating back to 1585, which is already a jewel in its own right. The building houses the collections of the excavations of Vesuvius from Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae and Boscoreale belonging mostly to the Bourbon collections, plus private collections such as the Farnese collection, consisting of objects from the Greek and Roman times, and other smaller collections acquired or donated to the museum as: the Egyptian collection of Stephano Borgia, the Santangelo, the Stevens and Spinelli. Not to be missed.

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