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Are you planning to travel to Spain? These are the requirements after the end of


The Council of Ministers has approved this Tuesday the Royal Decree by which, from today, April 20, the use of face masks will no longer be mandatory in general. The measure will come into force after its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

However, the use of masks will continue to be mandatory in certain contexts and its use is advised in different situations, especially related to people and environments of special vulnerability.

It will continue to be mandatory in health centers, services and establishments, such as hospitals, health centers, transfusion centers or pharmacies, both for people working in them and for visitors. The exception is that it will not be mandatory for people who are hospitalized when they stay in their rooms.

Daily new coronavirus infections have been increasing in Austria, but the pressure on hospitals has eased and the wave is expected to peak around February 7.

Will italy lift travel restrictions 2022

Angela Merkel’s government advised against travel on March 17, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic, but considers that the improvement of the epidemiological situation allows the withdrawal of the warnings issued for 29 countries, including, in addition to those of the EU, the United Kingdom, Iceland and Liechtenstein, countries which together with Norway (off the list) complete the Schengen zone.

In the case of Italy, last March the Italian government imposed a national containment in an attempt to curb the virus and on May 4 began its de-escalation.  Coldiretti, the largest association of agricultural entrepreneurs in Italy, estimates that between March and May there has been a loss of 20,000 million Euros in tourist spending on accommodation, catering, transport and shopping, due to the massive cancellations caused by the fear of the pandemic.

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La nueva política de viajes de EE.UU. que exige la vacunación de los viajeros extranjeros a Estados Unidos comenzará el 8 de noviembre. Este anuncio y fecha se aplica tanto a los viajes internacionales por aire como por tierra. Esta política está guiada por la salud pública, es estricta y consistente. https://t.co/uaDiVrjtqi- Kevin Munoz (@KMunoz46) October 15, 2021

Las aerolíneas estadounidenses están ansiosas por comenzar a reunir de manera segura a las innumerables familias, amigos y colegas que no se han visto en casi dos años. https://t.co/rzkkkTEtBk- Airlines for America (@AirlinesDotOrg) October 15, 2021

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On March 31, 2022, the state of alarm (introduced on January 31, 2020 to optimize the impact of the pandemic on the hospital system) ends and the government seems to intend not to renew it as the epidemiological curve is going downhill, hospitals are emptying and many regions have comforting infection figures.

It has already been decided to recognize Sputnik and all the other vaccines that currently do not allow the issuance of the green pass because they have not been approved by the EMA. This is one of the indispensable measures to encourage tourism from all those countries that have used drugs other than those recognized in Italy.

The ordinances imposing quarantine on those coming from States where the pandemic no longer has worrying figures will not be renewed, while for masks (whose obligation in the open air was cancelled ten days ago) the obligation imposed for ‘open’ shows will not be renewed, while the obligation to wear masks in closed places and events will probably be extended.

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