When is a good time to travel to italy

Summer in Italy 2022


June is a good time to visit Venice. The atmosphere is summery (without being sultry) and there are many more hours of daylight, which are very good allies for tourism. More people start arriving in June, which means that the city is much more crowded than during the previous months. The average temperature can reach 25° C during midday and drops to 16° C at night. That said, you should bring cool clothes and a sweater or jacket for when the sun goes down. There is an average of 12 days with rainfall, so bringing something to protect you from the rain is not a bad idea. The temperature of the sea invites you to take a dip – did you know that there are beaches near Venice as well?

High season in italy 2022

When we decide to emigrate, the climate in Italy is usually a very important factor that will determine the city where we will settle. In this post I tell you everything from which are the coldest cities in Italy to the records of the strongest earthquakes that have occurred.

The Mediterranean climate is awarded to the south of Italy where temperatures tend to be more stable. In summer they can be very high, but in winter they are not as low as in the case of the continental climate.

Something important to take into account are the sun hours, as it may take some getting used to. In the winter it gets dark at 5 pm and in the summer at 8:30 pm. So in the winter there are very few hours of daylight.

There are families that emigrate from Central America or northern South America and have never experienced a winter. If you are one of them, the climate in Italy may be something else you will have to adapt to. It is good to keep this in mind when looking for a commune in Italy.

To talk about the climate in Italy we should mention that there are 6 climatic regions. Each one has particular characteristics, in terms of annual temperatures, rainfall and wind frequency:

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In summer the average temperature is around 30°C, and some maximum temperatures reach 40°C. This season covers the months of July to September, with July and August being the hottest months.

Considering the climate of this city, we can say that the best time to travel to Florence is in the spring season. From April to June the weather is pleasant, rainfall is sporadic and the days are long. However, the high season for tourism in Florence is in summer, in the months of July and August.

In the end, whatever date you plan to go to Florence is ideal for you. Just take the necessary precautions so that the weather is an accomplice of your trip and not an enemy.

High and low season in italy

At lunchtime you should stay mostly in the shade, as the hot and sticky temperatures become quite uncomfortable. I also recommend a bottle of water for exploring the city. In addition, you will find many fountains in Rome where you can refill your fresh water bottle for free. If you don’t mind the heat and can deal with large crowds, a summer vacation in Rome is ideal for you.

There are many activities to do in Rome in summer. So that you don’t miss out on the best, here is a selection of my favorite things to do during this time. With only two to four rainy days a month, June, July and August are the perfect time to enjoy outdoor events. And the citizens of Rome know that too, which is why many outdoor concerts are held during this time. I recommend you to attend one of them in one of the forums or archaeological sites where they take place during your visit to Rome.

The best time to travel to Rome are the months of April, May, September and October, that is, the months between the two seasons of summer and winter. The mild weather during these months allows you to have a perfect vacation in Rome.

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