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I have been in Venice this weekend, and I found it not very useful, the map is quite poor and the itineraries are not indicated, the gallery is not referenced on the map. There is no map of the vaporetto or the stops, nor the timetables of the transport to the airports. Of Burano and Murano, nothing at all. Of the prices of museums, basilicas, etc, nothing at all. Money down the drain.

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TIP: If you plan to visit several attractions in Venice, you may want to purchase the Venezia Unica City Pass which offers free, skip-the-line access to Venice’s main museums and churches. You can get more information and purchase it here

St. Mark’s Square is the most important square in Venice. In addition to beautiful restaurants and some stores, here you will find three important sites of Venice: St. Mark’s Basilica, the Torre dell’Orologio and the Doge’s Palace.

Its construction is based on a mixture of history and oriental and occidental architectural styles that make it really special. If you wish, you can pre-book the St. Mark’s Basilica Guided Tour here and save long lines.

The Doge’s Palace is located in St. Mark’s Square, next to the Basilica. It is estimated to have been built between the 10th and 11th centuries when it was home to the Doge, the ruler of Venice. After suffering a fire and being rebuilt, it also served as a fortress and prison in Venice.

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There are plenty of attractions, reasons and excuses to visit Venice. We say this because of the main characteristics of this beautiful city that besides being elegant and picturesque is the city of lovers, so its atmosphere is completely romantic.

As we already mentioned, although tourism is not the main aspect of the city’s economy, it represents an important point in it due to its history, culture, canals and romantic atmosphere that is breathed in every corner. Venice offers you the opportunity to visit churches, museums, parks, bridges and types of gastronomy. And all of the above, adapted to different ages, personalities and budgets.

Although all of Venice is an unparalleled adventure, there are must-see sites you can visit or see along the way that will add a more authentic touch to your vacation. The places you will be able to see are as follows:

Throughout the city of Venice you will notice stores and malls, however the area dedicated to shopping is Rialto. There you can find typical Venetian items such as Murano glass, masks, puppets and costumes.


Although traditionally the label of “city of love” has always been given to Paris, Venice is not far behind in possibilities and activities to enjoy with your partner. A romantic dinner on the shores of the lagoon or a gondola ride will undoubtedly be two options to conquer your loved one or reaffirm your love.

Carnival immerses the city, for two weeks, in refined and colorful hedonism. Among the highlights are the Festa delle Marie, a time to see the elaborate costumes and traditional masks, and the Volo Dell’angelo, in which the queen of the previous carnival slides down a rope over St. Mark’s Square.

Another reason to come to Venice is that it is close to many incredible sites. This means that you will be able to take advantage of your trip to visit other cities in Italy. For example, you can reach Milan by high-speed train in less than 3 hours. To get to Bologna, it will only take you 1 hour and a half. Therefore, it is a good destination to organize a combined trip.

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