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The Ligurian Riviera extends a few kilometers from Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo, more precisely, between the Tigullio Gulf and the Paradiso Gulf. Portofino was one of the first places in Italy to be exploited for tourism and, today, this beautiful port is the preferred destination of thousands of tourists.

Some historians claim that Portofino is named after the Roman Empire, which founded the city with the name Portus Delphini due to the abundance of dolphins in the Gulf of Tigullio. Although its name could be associated with wealth, the origins of this fishing village were very humble. In spite of that, over the years Portofino has become the preferred home or vacation destination of many millionaires, nobles, actors and actresses.

A good way to start the tour of Portofino is visiting the Chiesa di San Martino (Church of St. Martin), whose beautiful marble facade and spectacular interior make it a sober and charming temple. It is part of a pleasant walk through Portofino’s historical heritage, which includes other points, such as the Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of St. George (Giorgio).

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Portofino, luxury and beauty on the Italian Riviera

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And that the name Portofino has been associated with the exclusivity of noble titles, the glamour of the arts or bulging wallets since the nineteenth century although the town was about to blow up in 1945 and only the tenacity of a woman prevented it.

Humble were the origins of Portofino, which was born in the Liguria region as a fishing village. The “fine” part of the name comes from the dolphins of its Roman name, Portus Delphini although there are two theories on this (I love it when historians can’t even agree with Pliny the Elder).

Whether it is a matter of marine mammals or human skill, about a century and a half ago Portofino gradually became a haven for the jet set, actors and actresses, nobles and millionaires who have stayed in the hotels and villas on its hills while idly exploring the area.

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Algunos alojamientos de esta zona están ofreciendo alojamiento gratis o con grandes descuentos para ayudar a las personas que llegan desde Ucrania a encontrar un lugar seguro donde quedarse (se debe presentar un documento de identidad al llegar).

¡Excelente comunicación y el apartamento era enorme! Incluso tenían artículos de desayuno en la nevera para nosotros. La cocina estaba muy bien equipada con todos los servicios necesarios, los dos baños muy grandes estaban llenos de cepillos de dientes, pasta de dientes, jabones y champús. La vista desde el balcón es probablemente una de las mejores de un apartamento en Portofino.

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