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Contrary to what many may think, Pisa is not only its Leaning Tower but has many other attractions in the historic center or strolling through its “lungarni” (streets along the Arno) where you can find many traces of its historical past, and enjoy in the many “trattorias” an excellent cuisine based especially on fish dishes.

Beginning the tour in the famous Piazza dei Miracoli, whose white marble buildings stand out against the green of the meadow, you can admire the famous Leaning Tower (which is actually the bell tower of the Duomo) as well as the Baptistery and the Cemetery, next to which you can admire the remains of the ancient wall of the twelfth century (medieval wall about 11 meters high, 2 meters wide and about seven kilometers long). You can also visit museums such as the Museo delle Sinopie, where you will find sketches of frescoes or Sinopias made with ocher earth and whose name comes from the city of Sinope in Turkey, or the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo with pieces such as the bronze Griffin.

What to see in pisa 1 day

If during your visit to Italy you have doubts about how to get to Pisa or what to do there, this guide is for you. Here you will find the best routes and options to see, so that your visit to this place in Italy will be much easier and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s start!

The most popular among travelers is to take a half-day tour of Pisa, either as a round trip from Florence or as a waypoint on the route between Rome and Florence. The most popular cities from which you can arrive are:

The closest airport to Pisa is Galileo Galilei airport, just 1 km away. From there you can take a train to Pisa Central Station. Another great advantage of the airport is its proximity to other cities such as Lucca at 20 km, Florence at 80 km or the Maremma at 50 km.

If you are traveling in Italy and decided to rent a car for your adventures, then the recommendation is to make a stop in Pisa while heading to another city. Below you will find the details:

Tower of Pisa entrance

Pisa, the city famous for its leaning tower and for being the birthplace of the illustrious Galileo Galilei, can be your next stop if you are a tourist in Florence. If you want to know what to see and do on a trip to Pisa and how to get there from Florence, stay with us and we will explain it in detail.

The distance from Florence to Pisa is just over 80km. This fact added to the fact that Pisa is an interesting tourist destination, results in many visitors to Florence making a getaway from the Tuscan capital to the neighboring city of Pisa. The trip is not very long and, once in Pisa, everything it has to offer is concentrated in the same area, so it is enough to spend a day getting to know it.

The city of Pisa is adorned with its history, its illustrious characters, its monuments and its modern appearance. Undoubtedly, this Tuscan city knows how to attract tourists who come to the Florentine capital.

As we have already mentioned, everything there is to see in Pisa is located in the same area: in the Piazza dei Miracoli or Piazza del Duomo of Pisa, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. In that square you can see the most important monuments of Pisa, for example:

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