Travel to italy passport requirements

Visa required to go to Italy


Italian citizens in Colombia must strictly respect the indications of the Colombian authorities for the prevention of contagion. It is recommended to consult frequently, in addition to the website of the Italian Embassy in Bogota, also the websites and social networks of the Ministry of Health of Colombia and of the different Authorities for information on the sanitary situation, and the website of Migration Colombia.

Until September 30, 2022, it will be mandatory to use face masks type FFP2 in public transport (trains, ships, buses and other means of transport), in socio-health and socio-assistance structures, and in sanitary structures.

For the issuance of the European Green Certificate in favor of Italian citizens (also residing abroad) and their cohabiting relatives, as well as foreign citizens residing in Italy for work or study reasons and all subjects registered in any capacity with the National Health Service who have been vaccinated abroad, the vaccines recognized by the EMA are considered valid.

Requirements to travel to italy from argentina

What is it? It is a very contagious and serious infectious disease caused by a virus of the paramyxovirus family. It is usually transmitted through direct contact and through the air either by contact with nasal, mouth or throat fluids of an infected person.

It is a live attenuated virus vaccine that generates protection against the four serotypes of the disease (DENV-1 to DENV-4). The recommendation and application for travelers depends on the risk factors associated with the person and itinerary, since it must be demonstrated that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of presenting adverse effects according to the medical history elaborated during the consultation by certified physicians.

Requirements to enter italy

The general Italian regulations for transfers to and from abroad are contained in the Ordinance of February 22, 2022 of the Italian Ministry of Health, in force until May 31, 2022 (extension contained in the Ordinance of April 28, 2022).

d) Negative result of PCR test performed by swabbing within seventy-two (72) hours prior to entry into Italy or antigen test performed by swabbing within forty-eight (48) hours prior to entry into Italy.

In case of failure to present one of the certifications from a) to d), entry into Italy is possible but under the obligation of quarantine at home, for a period of five (5) days, with the obligation to undergo a PCR or antigen test, carried out by swabbing, at the end of this period.

Requirements for travel from peru to italy 2022

We advise you to register your travel itinerary in the SIRME, The Registration System for Mexicans Abroad (SIRME), has the purpose of facilitating communication between the Mexican Government and its citizens abroad. Through this system, registered Mexican citizens will be able to receive timely information to avoid adverse conditions when traveling, staying or residing abroad.

We inform you that in order to drive in Italy during your tourist stay it is necessary to have your Mexican driver’s license together with the international driver’s license or a sworn translation. In the case of driving with a foreign license without attaching the sworn translation or without the international driver’s license, the highway code provides for a penalty for the offender, Art. 135, paragraph 8 of the CoS.

INTERNET FRAUD. If you are asked to send money in exchange for a job offer, to buy or sell a car, or to receive prizes or inheritances, it could be a fraud. We advise you to disregard such communications, not to send money or provide personal data.

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